5 Quick, Cheap, & Easy Patriotic Decor Ideas

Looking for quick, cheap, and easy patriotic decor ideas? I’ve got you covered! Here are five super-quick projects that I like to call “DIY-ish.” They require a little more effort than just buying something that’s pre-made and sitting it on the table, but not much. There’s no artistic skill required, and you can do each of these in less than five minutes. Also, none of these costs more than $10…and some are as little as $1. Take a look!


This time of year, it’s pretty easy to find these mini 4×6″ flags. Grab a handful, because when it comes to celebrating Independence Day, the more flags, the better, right? Fill a small mason jar with uncooked rice (or you can use red/white/blue candies) and stick 8-10 flags inside. I chose to use the rice, because I wanted mine to sit outside and I didn’t want the candies to melt.

Image contains a mason jar filled with rice and 7 mini American flags. It sits on a black outdoor table. In the background is a front porch with a blue rocking char, a blue and white pillow, red shutters, a plant, and a welcome sign.


Make a centerpiece that’s as adorable as it is tasty! Fill a small bucket or other container with red and blue wrapped lollipops! Not only is it festive, it’s sure to be a hit with all of your family members and friends.

Image contains a white bucket filled with red and blue Tootsie Pops on a black background.


If you’re hosting a get-together for the 4th of July, or anytime this summer, make dinner time extra festive by wrapping each guest’s utensils in a red, white, or blue bandana! Just fold the bandana into a triangle, then fold it two more times, keeping that triangle shape. Then, with the point facing up, add your utensils, roll them up in the bandana, and tie it off with twine! I got these bandanas for just 97 cents each.

Image contains three sets of plastic utensils, each rolled in a red or white bandana and tied off with twine, on a white background.


Chances are, you have some decorative plants and greenery sitting around your home already. All you have to do to make things festive is add a mini flag to what you already have! I have a lot of farmhouse-style decor, where I put faux eucalyptus, lambs ear, etc. into pitchers, milk jugs, and galvanized tin containers. Just add a flag in with it, and voila, it’s Americana. Since I already had the pitcher and eucalyptus, this literally cost me $1.

Image contains a white pitcher filled with faux eucalyptus and a small American flag. It sits on a black outdoor table with a blue outdoor rocking chair in the background.


This time of year, you’ll see all kinds of patriotic picks in the floral and seasonal sections of places like Walmart and your local craft store. Choose a few of your favorite (these were all one pick, for $3.97) and arrange them in an inexpensive container. In fact, you can reuse a container you already have, just swap out the greenery temporarily until the holiday is over.

Image contains a white bench sitting against a brick wall with a blue and white plaid rug underneath. On the bench is a blue pillow, a cutout wooden "hello," and a galvanized tin milk jug filled with red, silver, and blue berries.

I hope these ideas inspire you and give you some ideas for adding patriotic touches to your home decor that don’t take a ton of time or money! I’d love to see how you’re decorating for summer and the 4th. Be sure you’re part of the Amy Latta & Friends group on Facebook so we can all share ideas and be inspired. See you there!

Image is a collage of patriotic home decor.

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