Pinners Conference Recap: Behind the Scenes

Hey, friends! As many of you know, last weekend was a whirlwind of fun for the One Artsy Mama team at Pinners Conference in Atlanta. I want to give you a recap of our trip, but so much happened that I need to break it up into a few posts…starting with this one about our first day.

Erin and I got our caffeine on, then flew out of BWI early Thursday morning.

My bloggy buddy Kirsten Thompson, of Sweet Tea & Saving Grace was kind enough to pick us up at the Atlanta airport at 11:30 and drive us to the part of town where we needed to be. Gosh, I’d missed her face! xoxo

We stopped at The Cheesecake Factory for a quick lunch {ahem!} before checking in at the hotel and getting to work.

Then the madness began. I was teaching three separate classes, and each one had its own materials kit. Everything had been shipped to the conference center or to Kirsten’s house, so that meant we had just a few hours to assemble a ton of kits: 160 for the Mod Podge class, and 190 for each of the Hand Lettering classes, to be exact. Our hotel room became an assembly line, and you would not believe the amount of trash we had! As a matter of fact, we called housekeeping to see what to do with it all, and the lady who came up to our room gasped out loud when she saw it!

We had to un-package each individual supply, fill every aqua pen, etc., not to mention putting it all in bags for each participant. I think I broke Erin…

That evening, we attended a VIP meeting and party where we were able to interact with a few vendors and get some last minute instructions. I can’t wait to share with you about the three classes and how much fun they were, but I couldn’t jump in without taking time to thank my “dream team.” I literally couldn’t have done it without Erin and Kirsten. There’s no way I could have put all the kits together in time, and they did a little bit of everything for me without {very much} complaining. They distributed materials, took money, assisted with the projects, carried heavy boxes, and did whatever was necessary to help make the classes a success. Let’s give these ladies a big “thank you” for helping make everything possible!

Stay tuned for more of the recap, coming soon!

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  1. Is there anywhere that attendees are able to tell what they thought of the conference? Thank you.

    1. Not that I’m aware of, Fran, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. I wish they’d send out a survey to attendees and to presenters too!

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