Green Thumb?

Ever since I attempted to care for my first potted plant, I’ve jokingly acknowledged that I seem to have a “black thumb.”  For some reason, I either under-water or over-water {or both} any plant I try to grow to disastrous results.  I’ve even killed African Violets.  When I look longingly at beautiful hanging baskets at our local garden center, my husband reminds me, “If you love it, you’ll leave it.”  And he’s right.  Bringing it home would just ensure that it turns into a crispy critter or a droopy mess.  But fortunately, plants I can actually put in the ground are another matter!  I guess it’s because God takes care of the watering, and He’s way better at it than me!  I love outdoor gardening, and it seems that Noah does too.  You may remember that we recently planted a vegetable garden {that also has one sunflower plant in it} and made these cute signs to label the plants.
Unfortunately, the day we planted everything {last Thursday} was the last nice, sunny day we’ve had.  Every day since has been a rainy, stormy, windy mess.  Occasionally the rain lets up enough that we can make a quick dash to the mailbox, and from time to time the sun even comes out to tease us for about fifteen minutes before it gets overcast and starts raining again.  Blah!  Noah and I have been using those in-between times, though, to add some more fun touches to “his” garden.  You may remember that he painted a little birdhouse; here it is hanging up outside.
He enjoyed that project so much that we picked out this cute butterfly on a stick and he painted it earlier this week.
Today, we were in Michaels again {big surprise} and he told me he wanted to paint a dragonfly.
Note: all 3 of these wooden projects cost less than $2 a piece!
He was quite upset when I told him he had to wait for it to dry before we could put it in the garden.
We also bought a cute little orange garden rock that says “Smile.”  Noah saw it, liked it, and said, “Noah wants to take dat home.”  However, when we went outside between downpours, this is what we found.
Our poor garden was submerged.  Our painted signs met with a bit of fix-able disaster; the paint is still fine and they still look great, but the hot glue apparently isn’t deluge-proof.  I brought them inside to clean them up, let them dry, and reaffix the popsicle sticks with some super glue.  So, if you’re planning on trying that project, I’d advise you to use a really strong adhesive from the start!
Noah was undeterred from his original mission even when he saw the ridiculous amount of water, and he insisted on putting his stone right where he wanted it…
You are smiling, aren’t you? 🙂  Noah does that to a person.
I guess the one positive thing about all this rain is that it’s keeping our vegetables nice and healthy…I hope.
Speaking of vegetables, I can’t resist showing you my latest jewelry venture.  I often think that Noah and I are like two peas in a pod.  We have some of the same loves {dancing, painting, crafting, reading books}, we have the same favorite places {Starbucks, the beach}, we have the same favorite sport and team {go, Ravens!}, and we enjoy a lot of the same foods {cheese, grilled cheese, cheese balls, fruit, tacos, bagels, cream cheese…yeah, we’re cheese-freaks}.  Not to mention the fact that we’re both short, blue eyed, and we have the same exact smile.
So, when I saw this idea on Etsy, I said to myself, “I have to have this!”  And so, I gave it a try.  I think I even like it better than the bird’s nest!  Here’s a necklace to symbolize my little pea. 🙂
Squeeeeeal!  Isn’t it so cute?  I love that it doesn’t look too dorky with just one “pea;” most mother’s jewelry doesn’t look right if you have just one child.  Here’s a version I made with two peas, just to see how it turned out. {No, I’m not adding another ‘pea’ to the family…this will be a gift for a friend with two children.  Who do I know that might appreciate such a gift?}

Like the nests, these can be customized with various numbers/colors of peas.  I’m liking it.
Speaking of nests, don’t forget the giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight!  I’ll be posting 2 winners Saturday morning.

Hope you’re having a great day…and I hope the sun is shining wherever you are, unlike here!

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  1. LOVE the pea necklace…that is precious…
    and Noah always makes me smile…he is so adorable and so is is Mama !!
    Sorry I think you got your black thumb from me… 😉

  2. Amy, the pea necklace is ADORABLE….I don’t know if my last comment showed, but the Nest necklace you made for me is amazing, and I feel so blessed by it! Can’t wait to see you (and Mr. Noah is welcome to play in Collin’s new play house downstairs!)

  3. I love the two peas in a pod necklace! I am following you now! Would love for you to follow me back!

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