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Hi! I’m Emily from 52 Mantels and I am SO excited to be here today sharing a fun and easy faux bois art project that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day…or any day you want to display your love for someone (I’m thinking this would be cute at a bridal shower, as part of nursery decor or as an anniversary gift!)
Today Amy and I have swapped blogs. Fun, huh?! You can go visit my site to see her beautiful, personalized charm necklace tutorial! You don’t want to miss it!

DIY Faux Bois Art

Step 1) Gather supplies

2″ circle punch
faux bois painting tool (mine is by Martha Stewart)
Contact paper (any pattern will do!)
8×10 (or desired size) canvas
elmers glue
acrylic paint in desired color
ink pad
small letter stamps

Step 2) cut contact paper to the size of your canvas
Step 3) cut a heart shape from the center of your contact paper (use a stencil if needed)
Step 4) remove the backing from the contact paper and position it on your canvas. Use glue to seal the inner edges, which will prevent the paint from seeping under the contact paper
Step 5) punch a 2″ circle from the contact paper and place it on the heart. Seal the edges of the circle with glue.

Step 6) prepare the acrylic paint by thinning it with water (in a 1:1 ratio). Paint half of the heart with the watered down paint
Step 7) use your faux bois tool to create a faux bois pattern on heart
Step 8) repeat process on remaining half of heart
Step 9) after the paint dries, remove the contact paper
Step 10) use stamps and ink pad to add personal initials or special dates to the inside of the 2″ circle

My faux bois heart has been added to my festive Valentine’s Day mantel. It’s the perfect addition!

Come visit me sometime at 52 Mantels!

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52 Mantels
52 Mantels
52 Mantels
52 Mantels
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