Decorative Succulent Planters

Hey, friends!  So, one thing you might not know about this Artsy Mama is that I’m a plant killer.  Not intentionally, mind you.  I LOVE flowers and plants of all kinds.  I just have trouble keeping them alive when they’re not in the ground.  I even killed an African Violet.  True story.  My family likes to tease me that instead of having a “green thumb,” I have a “black thumb.” So, when I started seeing and hearing about succulents, I got intrigued.  Rumor has it they’re really hard to sabotage, so I finally decided to get me some.  Of course, they had to have happy little homes to make them want to thrive, right?  So, here they are in all their glittery, decorated glory…whatcha think?


Wanna make some for yourself?  Here’s how I did it.

– small metal containers {mine are metal buckets from the David Tutera Casual Elegance Collection}
– acrylic paint
– twine and/or silver cord
– Mod Podge
– glitter
– painter’s tape or washi tape
– succulents and soil

I wanted to try some different effects, so first I played around with adding color!  I used the lowest indentation in the bucket as a guide and painted two coats of acrylic paint below that line.  My edging wasn’t perfect, but that was okay because when it was dry, I wrapped a piece of twine around it twice, knotted it, and that covered everything!


Isn’t it fun?  I love the look of the color against the metal.  I think other colors besides the teal I used would look fabulous too.  I do have several more buckets…hmmm.   Once I saw how fun the bucket looked with paint on it, I couldn’t resist attempting to glitter one.  I decided that it might be too much if I glittered all the way up to that lowest line, so I put some tape around the bucket to form a guide, then applied Mod Podge from the bottom of the tape to the bottom of the bucket.  While it was still wet, I sprinkled some fine iridescent glitter on top and shook off the excess.  Once it dried, I wrapped silver cord around for an extra accent.


What do you think?  Glitter DOES make everything better, doesn’t it?!  Then it was time to plant my little succulents.  I chose two that aren’t supposed to spread a whole lot since I want them to stay in their cute little homes.  I have absolutely no idea what either of them are called.  {Bad blogger!}  Here is the first one, the, um…Spikeylasaurus…


And for the glittered bucket, the, uh, “Lookslikeaprettyroseicus”…


Ta-daaaa!  I am so proud to report that 24 hours later they are still alive and well!  That may be a record.


Any tips for me on keeping them healthy and fabulous?  And which bucket do you like best?  I can’t decide!  I think I like them best together!


Hugs & Glitter,


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  1. Gorgeous pots glitter does make everything better. Tip we grow them here because they are the only thing that survives both our long hot Summers and drought, the only way you will kill them is by over watering so be careful not to water too often or too much.

  2. love the pots succulents are the only plants frankie the siamese wont eat well he did try to love a cactus one time and got a rude awakening will have to decorate the pot with your idea following from inspiration monday have a good one.

    1. Ooh, that’s a great idea, Krista! I’d love to see photos if you decide to make some for your friends!

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