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Disney Party Games

We’ve had such a fun time sharing parts of our Disney Imagicademy party with you, where we invited a bunch of our little buddies over to celebrate the release of Disney’s newest app, “Mickey’s Magical Math World”. If you’ve missed any of our other Disney Imagicademy party posts be sure to check out our Disney-themed invitations and favors and party snacks too! We wanted to do more than just play the app at our party, so we came up with some fun activities that tied in with the app’s games.

Number Line



-Paper with numbers 1-10

-Pictures of aliens


How to Play: Lay out the numbers 1-10 in any pattern you would like. Lay aliens next to a couple of the numbers. The first child stands behind the 1 and is given a “mission” such as “get to the blue alien”. All the children can help count while the child moves from space to space towards the blue alien. Once the child reaches the alien, give a second instructions such as “head to the purple alien”. The children can help count upwards or backwards to move their friend to the next alien. If the kids are older, addition and subtraction can also be introduced such as “how many spaces does our friend have to move if they are on the “10 space” and need to get to the purple alien on the “3 space”?”

Sand Writing



-Plastic bin/tray



-Paint Brush


How to Play: Tape down cardstock in the bottom of the bin. Add a small amount of sand. Children can practice drawing numbers and creating math problems in the sand using the paint brush. The cardstock colors show through the sand while they draw and adds a nice effect!

Shape Sorting


This post contains all the information about how this activity was created. We drew various shapes on pieces of paper, and the kids chose their robot arms and sorted the bean bags according to the shapes on the paper.


The activities were perfect for this age level (3-6), tied in beautifully with the app “Mickey’s Magical Math World”, and gave the kids something else to do when they were waiting their turn to try out the app. Many of these games could easily be used to play and promote working on math skills at home anytime with your budding mathematical genius!

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