Disney Imagicademy Party Snacks

Hey, friends! As you probably already know, we invited some of our youngest friends over to the Artsy House over the weekend to let them experience the fun of the new Disney Imagicademy app, Mickey’s Magical Math World. You’ve seen the invitations, the favors, the shape sorting game, and now it’s time to show you the food! The app is full of outer space fun, including spaceships, robots, and aliens, so we thought it only made sense if the food was too! Here are a few of the themed snack and drink ideas we came up with…



You need: juice boxes, card stock or construction paper, tape, paper cutter/scissors

Cut a 3″ x 2″ rectangle, then cut it along the diagonal to form two right triangles. Tape them on both sides of the back of the juice box as rocket wings. Cut a 2″ x 2″ square, cut it along the diagonal, then tape one of the triangles to the front of the juice box as the rocket’s nose.



Fruit Rockets

You need: assorted fruit {we had strawberries, grapes, and canteloupe}, wooden skewers

Each guest can create whatever type of rocket he or she likes best by placing the fruits on a skewer.


Marshmallow Robot Snacks

You need: pretzel sticks, large marshmallows, small marshmallows


Guests of all ages will enjoy this challenge; using pretzel sticks and different sized marshmallows to create any kind of robot they like! As you can see, no two were alike…and these are just a few of the many robots created and eaten at the party!

Marshmallow Robot Snacks

I honestly think this was everyone’s favorite part of the snack table. Because, marshmallows…


What do you think? Which outer space snack would be your favorite? Stay tuned for details about our activities and games as well as a report on how the kids liked the app itself, coming this week!

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