Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls Popcorn Boxes

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The Boxtrolls Popcorn Boxes

Friends, I’m sure you’d agree that carving out family time is one of the most important things we can do each week. Between work schedules, play rehearsals, karate, and more, our family could easily go for several days without any quality time spent all together. So, we make it a priority to schedule specific times where we do something we all enjoy and just spend time with each other. One of our favorite activities here in the Artsy House is Family Movie Night. Especially now that it’s cold and often snowy around here, it’s always fun to snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy a night in with some cuddles, good snacks and movies. If we can come up with a fun activity related to the movies, even better, right?

The Boxtrolls Popcorn Boxes

Recently, we picked up a copy of The Boxtrolls on DVD from our local Walmart because Little Crafter {and mama too} really wanted to see it ever since we saw the trailer a few months ago. We weren’t able to make it to the movie theater while it was showing, but now that we own it, we can watch it anytime we want! Of course a movie is never complete without popcorn, so we planned to enjoy our favorite kind, Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter Popcorn. I always buy it in the 10 count box because all of us love it…we go through a lot of it here in our house. I thought that since the movie is all about trolls who live in boxes, it would be fun to decorate and assemble our own boxes to hold our snacks!


– Kraft paper or lightweight chipboard
– electronic cutting machine and software {OR scissors and a box to trace OR storebought blank boxes}
– markers
– tape

I downloaded a popcorn box cutting file from the Silhouette Online Store and used it to cut our boxes out of lightweight chipboard. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can purchase plain boxes in whatever color, shape and size you like from a craft or party store and they’ll have the same effect.


The boxes can be decorated in any way; you can draw scenes or characters from the movie or something entirely different. In The Boxtrolls, each troll is named for what kind of box he lives in; the main character “Eggs” has an egg box, another has a box with a fish on it and is named “Fish,” the troll in a shoebox is “Shoe,” and so on.

The Boxtrolls Popcorn Boxes

Since the boxes the Boxtrolls wore seemed to mostly have a simple picture of an item, I decided I’d make a box labeled with popcorn since that was what I was going to put inside. Then if a Boxtroll ever wanted to live inside, he could be named Popcorn, right?

The Boxtrolls Popcorn Boxes

Once the boxes were decorated, we assembled them by folding on the perforated lines and taping them together with double sided tape. You can also use glue dots or any other adhesive you have on hand.

The Boxtrolls Popcorn Boxes

Then, all that’s left to do is pop the Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter popcorn, fill the boxes, and enjoy!

The Boxtrolls Popcorn Boxes

Little Crafter enjoyed The Boxtrolls and so did we. It drives home a message of courage and the idea that you don’t have to let your circumstances, your appearance, or any other “labels” in your life to define you. The Boxtrolls were able to break out of their boxes when they needed to be brave, just as Eggs was, and the men with their white and red hats could choose to let those labels define them or not. It gives us a great opportunity to talk to Little Crafter about things like being brave and standing up for what you believe in even if it seems like you’re the only one.

What about your family? What are some of your favorite ways to spend time together? Why not grab a copy of The Boxtrolls on DVD and a 10 pack of your own favorite kind of Pop Secret Popcorn at Walmart while supplies last and have your own Family Movie Night?

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