Celebrate World Play-Doh Day

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World Play-Doh Day

Things change a lot over the course of twenty or thirty years. Many of the things you and I did as children are completely foreign to our own kids. Little Crafter will never know what it’s like to go to a video store to rent a movie on a VHS tape. He’ll never understand how we used to have to wait a week, or at the very least an hour, to get our photos developed. He and his friends will exchange texts instead of notes, and their favorite thing to do together is build things in their own virtual world. It’s no wonder that I get excited when there’s something from my own childhood that crosses over into his.


Play-Doh is one of those things that transcends the gap between our generations. As a little girl, I loved the smell of it when I opened a fresh can. The way it looked when it was totally new and untouched. The way it felt when I squished it in my hands and rolled it into “hot dogs” and “snakes.” And of course, the way it unlocked my creativity and allowed me to sculpt whatever I could imagine. As an adult, it’s so much fun to share that experience with Little Crafter. He has enjoyed sculpting with Play-Doh ever since he was two years old, and it’s always entertaining to see what he decides to create.

What about you? Is Play-Doh something you and your child enjoy playing with together? This year, Hasbro is celebrating World Play-Doh Day on September 16th by hosting a Facebook Parade featuring Play-Doh sculpts that exhibit national pride. So, jump back into the fun of Play-Doh with your children and help celebrate World-Play-Doh Day by creating a sculpture representing your country. When I asked Little Crafter what he’d like to create, he immediately said, “the American flag!” It was a great opportunity to quiz him on the number of stars and stripes and what they represent.


What would you and the little friends in your life create? Your project may actually be featured as part of the World Play-Doh Day Facebook Parade if you follow these simple steps.

1. Create a sculpture representing your national pride. 
Think landmarks, patriotic symbols, national foods, national pastimes, and more. Make sure not to include any brand names or pop culture icons. All sculptures should be appropriate for a kid-friendly audience.

2. Photograph your sculpture all by itself.
Make sure not to have any people in the photo, or any objects other than your Play-Doh creation itself.

3. Share your photograph directly to the Play-Doh Facebook page wall before September 14.
Any late entries will not be considered, due to the fact that it takes time to put the “parade” together.

American Flag

You can share as many sculpts to the Facebook page as you’d like! Little Crafter was so proud of his flag and is really hoping it’s chosen to be a part of the celebration.


To create it, he carefully rolled out long “snakes” of red and white Play-Doh, flattened them with the plastic roller, then trimmed them into rectangles with the plastic knife in his tool kit. He rolled out a blue ball, cut it to a square shape, then added tiny pieces of white for hte stars. It was very important to him that the number of stars and stripes be correct. I think he did a fantastic job, don’t you?

Play-Doh American Flag

As for me, I couldn’t let him have all the fun. I decided I’d create my own project using my favorite national pastime…American Football! Football season starts in less than two weeks, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate this part of our national heritage.


What about you, friends? What will you and your family create?

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