Football Party

As you know, a certain little someone in our house just celebrated a very special birthday…3!
Months ago, I asked him what kind of party he’d like to have for his little friends and he said “a football one!”  Since we bleed purple around here, we had a lot of fun going all out for a Ravens theme party.
Here’s a peek at some of the decorations!  This is the favor table. 
For favors, the kids got little squishy footballs, purple and black necklaces, and a chocolate football candy.  The grownups got candies that were wrapped to look like sports balls and some special football cards I made up using Little Crafter’s photo.  I’d put a pic so you could see how cool they are, but I’m pretty sure I violated a bunch of copyright stuff in making them, so I won’t.
Hubby made a field goal post for me out of PVC pipe and fittings spray painted yellow.  I cut letters from black foam, hot glued them on, and voila!  We also had a photo mat and a football for guests to “autograph.”
Even BoBo the bear and Sock Monkey were feeling festive.
I really wish I could take credit for the little hat and scarf Sock Monkey is wearing, but it was all my mom.  Hey, I had to get my artsy-ness from somewhere, right?!
Yesterday happened to be her birthday too, by the way…Happy Birthday to the world’s best mama!
I love you! 🙂
I’m such a geek I even printed out Ravens logo wraps to go around the silverware…I love it.  The greatness of any party is in the details, right?
Mom and I made these fun candy coated pretzel sticks for on the dessert table…I may post a tutorial on this later in the week because they were easy and oh-so-fun!  Quite tasty too!
And here’s the AMAZING cake made by my good friend Clem.  Isn’t she fantastic?  She made the logo out of fondant…I’m super impressed!  Noah took one look and said, “Oh!  I like dat cake!”  And it tasted just as good as it looked…she made a strawberry filling with fresh berries that was oh so yummy.
Since we had on and off rain showers, I set up this “make your own pennant” station so the kids had an indoor activity to do when they couldn’t be outside on the play equipment.  Everybody loves foam, right?
All in all, it was a fun day for everyone!  My favorite moment was when we sang “Happy Birthday” to Little Crafter…he just beamed.  He was so excited all day and you could just tell how special he felt having his little buddies there to celebrate with him.
It was quite a lot of work, but that grin makes up for it all…

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  1. Wow, looks like such a fun party! I can tell you put a lot of work into it but I agree, that grin totally makes up for it! 🙂

    I just had a party for my 1 yr old yesterday and I made those pretzels too. They are so delicious!

  2. so much fun!! i’d love to see how you made those pretzel sticks! i’m wanting to do them for a bridesmaids luncheon i’m hosting here soon, so i’ll keep my eyes open for it! thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!

  3. What a great party! You’re right, great parties are in the details and you rocked this one! I’m even pinning this on Pinterest. I’ll have to steal a few of your ideas for my son’s 9th birthday. He’s so about the football. He used to be a Saints fan but he jumped ship to the Broncos since Tim Tebow plays for them. Thanks for posting on The Girl Creative. That is how I found you!

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