Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Ideas

There are so many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve! Before Little Crafter was born, hubby and I loved attending a formal party at our local dance studio, but once we had a kiddo, we wanted to make it a holiday our whole family could enjoy together. Now, we have a party at home that’s totally family friendly and it’s actually become one of LC’s favorite holidays, second only to Christmas! Here’s a roundup of ideas to inspire you if you’re looking to do the same kind of celebration.

Family Friendly New Year's Eve Ideas

We schedule our whole evening using our own version of these Countdown Bags from The Idea Room. I come up with an activity for us to do each half hour and write it on a slip of paper that I place in a bag labeled with a time. LC is in charge of keeping an eye on the clock {a job he takes VERY seriously} and opening each bag at the appropriate time. I also place supplies inside that we need for each activity, as long as they’ll fit in the bag.

Whether or not they stay up until midnight, kids of all ages will enjoy this DIY Mini Ball Drop that Erin came up with last year. As each hour passes, they can move the ball down one notch until it hits the bottom!


Help kids express their goals in a creative way with this fun and simple Wishing Wand Activity. All you need is contact paper, construction paper, markers, a pencil, and glitter/confetti, and kids can create a visual reminder of what they want to accomplish in the coming year.


Looking for simple but festive decorations? Get a few plain white mylar balloons and turn them into Clock Balloons like Studio DIY did! What a great way to set a festive mood.

New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity for a photo shoot; let everyone take turns being totally silly by providing a Photo Booth with Props. Hats, glasses, necklaces, masks, and more are great options whether they’re real or printables.


Family members of all ages can get in the party spirit by making their own hats, decorated with goals and resolutions for the new year. These New Year’s Resolution Party Hats from Walk in Love are simple to make and a great way to get people talking about what they want to accomplish in the next 365 days.

Even the littlest members of your family will enjoy ringing in the New Year quite literaly with this DIY Bell Noisemaker from Paging Supermom!

These Sparkly Wands from Soho Sonnet are very easy to create and make great photo booth props as well as take-home favors for your guests.

What’s not to love about Ball Drop Dessert from Confessions of a Facebook Queen? Cupcakes plus donut holes equals joy!

Even the kids can toast the new year with delicious Mock Champagne from Oh So Delicioso. There’s no alcohol whatsoever, just gingerale, white grape juice, and fruit!

Remind yourself of the goals you’re setting with these easy Resolution Bracelets. All you need is cord and your choice of beads. Each person can string whatever pattern and number of beads they like to serve as a visual reminder to keep those resolutions every time the bracelet is worn.


What’s better than noisemakers? Noisemakers you can eat! These sweet Edible Party Horns from sheknows will be a hit with kids of all ages.

Decorate with these fun Sequin Balls from the 3 R’s blog! They take awhile to make, but they sure are fabulous!

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve?



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