Superhero Tree

This year, I once again had the privilege of partnering with Christmas Tree Market for their Christmas in the Community program. My job was to choose a place in our community that would love to have a tree this holiday season, so I picked my son’s third grade classroom. Then, I needed to come up with a decorating theme, which was really easy because the teacher, Mrs. G., decided to make her everyday classroom decor all about superheroes this year. The kids absolutely love it, so I knew they’d enjoy creating a Superhero Tree!

Superhero Tree

Christmas Tree Market provided us with a 7′ Mountain Ridge Spruce, complete with 600 clear lights. Our first step was to assemble the tree, which was a quick and easy job. It came in three pieces, so all we had to do was put them together and fluff out the branches to make them look totally realistic. Then, we let Mrs. G. do the honors of placing the star on top.


As far as decorations, we used a combination of storebought and kid-made. When I think of superheroes, the colors blue and red come to mind first, so I chose a blue and silver garland along with silver and red ball ornaments. A local store had some superhero figurine ornaments, so I purchased about 20 of those, then the kids took care of creating the rest. Each child got one of these white DIY ornament bases to decorate using permanent markers, paint pens, glitter, and sequins.


Many of the students chose to write fun words like “Ka-pow” and “Boom” while others drew their favorite superheroes. Some just made colorful, sparkly designs.


The hardest part was trying to control the chaos as every child wanted to be an integral part of helping to decorate! I started by having four students help with the garland, then called each table up to hang the ornaments they created. Then, I gave each child a storebought superhero to hang on the tree and called them up one at a time to do that. Finally, I assigned four students to put hooks on the ball ornaments, and they in turn handed them to other students who placed them on the tree.


The kids had a fantastic time creating their tree, and so did I. It was such a joy to see the excitement on their faces and to see their reactions to the finished tree. I absolutely loved having the opportunity to do this for my son and his friends.

Superhero Tree

Here are {most of} the tree decorators, so proud of their hard work!


And of course we weren’t all serious. Here they are showing off their silly personalities!


What do you think of our tree? Huge thanks to Christmas Tree Market and the Christmas in the Community program for making this project possible and bringing so much joy to our classroom.

Superhero Tree

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