Mini-Monster Fun

Everybody loves a friendly monster, right?
We sure do here in the Artsy House!
Which is why when Little Crafter saw this project on Pinterest {mini-felt monsters in matchbox beds!}, he immediately wanted to do it!
Here’s how you can make your own mini-monster friends!
felt {we used blue and red}
thread and needle
googly eyes
polyfil or other stuffing material
craft glue
small box {matchbox or jewelry box}
STEP 1: Cut out two pieces of whatever monster shape you like.  You can freehand it or draw a little pattern first.  Make sure it will fit in your box!
 STEP 2: Thread your needle and hand stitch around the edges, sewing the two pieces together.  Leave the bottom open.  We used matching thread, but I think a contrasting color would be fun too!
{Believe it or not, LC even helped with this part…I’d stick the needle through, then let him pull.  Imagine how tricky it was to get a pic of this while holding the monster and being the safety police too!}
STEP 3: Stuff that monster!
STEP 4: Sew the bottom closed.
STEP 5: Glue on eyes, mouth, and whatever else you want.
Here’s our finished monster!  Then it was time to make him a bed!  We didn’t have a matchbox on hand, so we were using a little red jewelry box.
We just lined the bottom of the box with felt, then made him a little red felt blanket.
Now, he’s a snug as a…well, snug as a monster in a box!
We had all the materials for this project on hand already, and it took us less than half an hour {it would have taken even less time if I hadn’t had my little helper, but then what’s the fun in that?!}.
What about you?  What would YOUR monster look like?
Don’t forget, starting Thursday, I’m going to be posting a Grow Your Blog Series…hope to see you then!

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  1. This is adorable!! My son is a little too young for this right now, but I am definetly putting it on my “to-do in the future” list 🙂 Would LOVE to have you share this on my “Homemade By You” link party tomorrow ( Wednesday)

  2. I can’t believe how simple this is! I love the little monster bed. You can tuck in all of the monsters into their beds, and put them under your child’s bed. No more fear of under-the-bed monsters…they’re all cozy and sound asleep. 🙂

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