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Over the years, we have stayed in several different hotels in the Myrtle Beach area.  This year, we decided to try out a new one.  This trip was our 11th visit to MB, and in all that time, we have never enjoyed staying anywhere as much as we did the Breakers North Tower.
My favorite thing about the room was the amazing full sized kitchen we had…plus a dishwasher and laundry!
We’ve never had that before in a one bedroom suite.  It was soooo nice having all that counter space, not having to hand wash all the dishes, and being all but caught up on laundry before we even got home.
Noah’s favorite things were the elevator {he has a thing about pushing the buttons} and his “magical couch bed.”  I wasn’t sure how he’d take to sleeping on a sofa bed, particularly since he was leaving behind his brand new big boy bed at home, so I worked hard hyping him up about it long before our vacation.  It worked really well!  He thought it was the coolest thing ever…”a couch by day, a bed by night!”

We got a nice continental breakfast each morning that was included in our rate, and all the accomodations were more than satisfactory.  There were 2 pools and a hot tub in our building, and a number of other pools, including a pirate ship one for kids and a lazy river within walking distance in the other buildings of the resort.   But the one thing that made all the difference, beyond any physical amenity the hotel boasts, was the exceptional staff.  I can’t tell you one single name of a person who worked in any of the other hotels we’ve visited.  But I can tell you about the people who made our stay at the Breakers so special.  Perhaps it doesn’t hurt that we have an adorable child who talks to everyone and always has a smile to share, but every member of the staff interacted with us in such a friendly, accomodating manner and made us feel right at home.  By the time we were getting close to the end of our vacation, Noah was sorry to leave some of his new “friends” and so were we.  So, we stopped by the local Target and decided to do what we do best.
I wrote a brief message on each foam card, then Noah decorated them with sea-themed foam adhesives; fish, sea turtles, crabs, starfish, and seaweed {which he insisted on using as a ‘hat’ for the crabs}.
Honestly, he really put them on all by himself with no guidance.  Look how straight and orderly they are!  People probably thought I did the whole thing, but here’s the proof…
We made one for Ms. Marleen and one for Ms. Kathy, the ladies who work at the reception desk in the lobby and who always had a kind word for us as we went in and out of the hotel.  We made one for Mr. Richard, Noah’s special buddy in the breakfast room who made sure he had an adequate supply of Fruit Loops each morning, and Ms. Letitia who made sure that there was a bottle of apple juice after the machine broke and wouldn’t dispense it.  We made one for Ms. Ann who kept all the windows and doors clean in the lobby and mopped the floor around the elevators so no one would slip and fall.  And of course we had to make one for Ms. Linda, our fantastic housekeeper, who took such good care of our room each day and made sure we had what we needed.  That’s not to mention Mr. Dale and Mr. Charles who fixed our air conditioning, Mr. Craig who cleaned the pools, and all the other staff members who did their jobs efficiently and with a smile.  When Noah went to Build-A-Bear and came back with his new friend Fudgy, three separate staff members talked all about it with him before we ever got to our room on the 7th floor.  I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of place I want to stay.  Kudos to you, Breakers, and a huge thank you to all the employees who made our trip so memorable and special.  And I’m pretty sure our little blue eyed boy made the week a little bit special for you too. 😉

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  1. That’s amazing…It sounds like the staff there really love their jobs! And…I’m pretty sure they won’t forget you guys either, such a nice thing to do making them notes. Can’t wait to vist Myrtle Beach one day, now I know where to stay!

  2. What a fantastic story to share. I’m struck in so many ways,…the staff sound amazing and definitely deserved the extra thank yous that you gave them, but I am again struck by your parenting. Sorry,….I know,…I’m always blabbing about that,…I’ll keep it short. I just think it’s an incredibly challenging thing to raise a child who is friendly, thankful and can glue things straight. 🙂 Love these stories.

  3. i bet this totally made their day!! i would think that it’s rare to see gratitude like this from their guests! noah is learning some amazing values! thanks for sharing this at my tip-toe thru tuesday party! hope to see you again this week!

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