Four Minute Fall Earrings

Four Minute Earrings

Friends, today I have a jewelry project for you that might be the easiest one I’ve ever shared!  It only takes four minutes and requires four supplies.  And get this…absolutely no special skills required!  ANYone can do this!  Ready?


Beaded Earrings

TIME REQUIRED: 4 minutes
absolutely none

{Mine were provided by my friends at  If you want to make these exact earrings, you can find the same products by clicking the links below!}
6mm Pink Agate Crazy Lace Beads
3 mm Silver Fluted Roundelle Beads
25 mm Silver Plated Hoops
– Needle Nose Pliers – obviously the ones designed for jewelry are ideal, but in a pinch, any pliers will do!


Step 1: Thread your beads onto the hoop.
My pattern was pink, silver, pink, silver, pink, but you can vary it however you like and use more or less beads depending on your personal style.


Here’s how mine looked once all the beads were in place.


Step 2: Bend the very end of the wire hoop up at a 90 degree angle.
This will keep your beads on the hoop as well as allowing you to secure the earring in your ear.


That’s really all there is to it!  Just four supplies and two simple steps.  The great thing about it is that you can do the same thing with any combination of beads imaginable!  I chose these because I love the color and I thought they were perfect for the transition from summer to fall, but the sky’s the limit.

Beaded Hoop Earrings

Use crystals, pearls, round beads, square beads, shaped beads…anything you like!  And no matter what you use, it’s this simple.  Bead the hoop, bend the wire, and they’re ready to wear.


Honestly, this is a jewelry project anyone can do, whether you’ve been making your own jewelry for years or have never tried it before.  What do you say?  Would you enjoy making and wearing a pair?  These make great gifts too, so you can whip up a few more pairs with your leftover beads and hoops and give them away for birthdays, Christmas, or just because!

Beaded Hoop Earrings


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