Felt Minion

Recently, Little Crafter brought home a progress report from school.  A very good progress report.  One that shows he’s been doing a great job not just academically, but socially, and {perhaps most importantly} he’s been displaying the anchors the school tries to foster: respect, responsibility, integrity, gratitude, kindness, humility, and balance.  As a result, hubby and I told him we’d like to give him a small reward.  We asked him if there was anything particular he’d like to have and he had an immediate answer.  Here’s how the conversation went.

LC: {beaming} A new stuffed animal!!
Me: Um, ok, well, I’m sure we can do that.
LC: I want a Mickey Mouse.
Me: I’m pretty sure Michaels had a stuffed Mickey. Maybe we can get him tomorrow.
LC: I want it tonight.
Dan: It’s too late tonight bud, we’re not going out anywhere, but we can go after church tomorrow.
LC: But I really want a reward tonight!
Me: How about an extra long bath with your squirty friends?
LC: I want a stuffed animal!!! Just make me one, Mommy!  Make it out of felt! You have felt.
Me: Uh….
LC: I want Mickey!
Me: I don’t think I can make Mickey…
LC: {starts sobbing} But I really wanted a stuffed animallllllll….
Hubby: How about Mommy makes you a minion?
Me: {?!}
LC: {beaming again} Ooh! Yes! Mommy, make me a minion! Out of felt! And make it look just like Gru’s minions!

Can you see where this is going…?

Felt MinionThe work of an artsy mama is never done.  If you have some littles in your life who would love a felt minion {or two} of their own; here’s a super simple tutorial for you!

– yellow, blue, white, red, and black felt
– large google eye {if you don’t have one, substitute black and white felt}
– scissors
– hot glue gun and glue sticks
– thread, needle, and/or sewing machine
– two buttons

Step 1: Cut basic shapes from felt.  You’ll need two yellow bodies and two blue squares.

Step 2: Cut accessories from felt.  You can do whatever you like.  I did overall straps, a pocket, a long strip and circle for goggles, a pocket, and a mouth.

Felt Minion

Step 3: Stitch or glue pocket onto one of the blue squares.  I wanted Little Crafter to be able to put things in it like a real pocket, so I chose to hand stitch around three sides of it and leave the top open.

Felt Minion

Step 4: Attach blue squares to yellow body pieces.  I chose to use hot glue, but made sure I didn’t get any glue within 1/4″ of the edges so that it wouldn’t interfere with sewing my seam.

Felt Minion

Step 4: Add other accessories.  I glued on the goggles and overall straps, again making sure that I kept the glue far enough away from the edges that it wouldn’t interfere with the seam when it was time to sew around the whole thing.  I had a large eye that was just the right size, and LC has inherited my love for google eyes, so I decided to use that…but you could also make an eye using white and black felt if you don’t have any that big.  I also glued on a mouth and two buttons.

Felt Minion

Step 5: Sew around the outer edges, leaving a portion open so you can stuff it.

Felt Minion

Step 6: Add polyfil to make it plush and squishy!  Then, finish sewing the seam and trim the ends of your thread.

Felt Minion

felt minion

That’s all there is to it!  A little felt plus some stuffing equals one very happy little man!


I have to say, it’s been adorable watching him tote it around everywhere and snuggle it to sleep.  Every now and then I get to do things that make me feel like Super Mom and this was one of them.  DIY Stuffed Animal?  Check!  But don’t think that’s going to mean I get out of buying a stuffed Mickey…

Felt Minion

Hugs & Glitter,


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  1. That minion is adorable! I’m sure that with your skill making a stuffed Mickey out of felt wouldn’t be a problem. And didn’t you buy a Mickey from Disneyland? That might have been sb else then…

  2. I laughed when I saw that your husband volunteered you to make the minion. This has happened to me in the past and I usually panic, but in the end it all turns out great. Love the minion.

  3. I loved your whole website!!
    It is really nice to see how you take care of your family… The post about the Lego Party was soooo cute! And this Minion.. just as cute!
    You really are amazingly creative! =)
    On my website, on one of my posts, there is a link to a post of yours about the fall leaf coasters!
    Check it out! =)
    (it is in Brazilian Portuguese, though…)
    All the best,

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