Halloween Treat Packets with Cricut Maker 3

Special thanks to Cricut for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are honestly my own.

Fall is here, and that means it’s time to do some festive crafting! With Halloween just around the corner, let’s look at how you can create these adorable and easy little treat packets with the help of the new Cricut Maker 3!

You’ll need:

Smart Paper™ Sticker Cardstock

Cricut Maker 3

Small candies

Plastic wrap


Google eyes and glue (optional)

Ghost, Monster, and/or Pumpkin cut files (links below)


Step 1: Open or create your cut files in Cricut Design Space.

I’ve created these cut files for you, or you can play around with making your own using whatever shapes you like. You’ll just need to duplicate the shape, horizontally flip one (so you have a front and a back), and add a circle inside the front. Attach the circle to the front shape so that it cuts exactly where you want it. My files are sized so you can fit two across on a piece of Smart Cardstock.

You can access my files here:



Step 2: Cut your shapes from SmartPaper Sticker Cardstock.

One of my favorite things about the new Cricut Maker 3 is that it’s compatible with Smart materials. That means I can cut this new Smart sticker cardstock all by itself without having to use a cutting mat! It’s so easy!

Follow the prompts in Design Space to load your material and let the Cricut work its magic. Then, peel the front and back of your shape away from the backing. Lay them on the table with the adhesive sides facing up.

Step 3: Cut two pieces of plastic wrap slightly larger than the opening.

Step 4: Adhere plastic wrap to each shape.

Press one down on the back shape and the other around the edges of the cutout space in the front shape. Don’t pull it tight, because we’re going to add the candy in. Let a bit of excess wrap extend through the opening to form a pocket, then make sure it’s sealed all around the edges.

Step 4: Begin sticking your shapes together. 

Starting on one side, adhere about 3/4 of the front and back layers together, lining them up so they match as closely as possible. Remember to keep one side open so you can add the candy!

Step 5: Add candy and finish sealing.

Drop loose candy in the opening, allowing it to fill up the plastic wrap pocket. Then, finish pressing the shapes together to seal the treat packet.

Step 6: Add eyes and any other decorative touches.

I stuck google eyes on the ghost and monster, but you can also draw on the shapes, add glitter, or do any other decorating you like. If you are handing out these treat packets to specific friends, you can hand letter their names or a message on the cardstock.

It’s that simple! And because the Cricut Maker 3 cuts twice as fast as the previous-generation model, it takes no time at all to complete this project. Whether you make one or 100, these little treat packets are sure to be a big hit. Which of the three shapes is your favorite? Is there another Halloween themed shape you’d like to try?

If you try this craft, be sure to share your photos with us in the Amy Latta and Friends Facebook group so we can all be inspired!

Don’t forget to save this project to Pinterest and/or to share it with a crafty friend! Then, check out these other fun fall crafts:

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Happy crafting!

Halloween Treat Packets



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