Edible Art: Sweet and Scented Play Dough


Hope you all have been enjoying the recent Edible Art projects as much as the kids at Little Crafter’s school are! In case you missed it, first we made pretzel log cabins, then we painted with a special edible ink. To finish up last week’s session, we created some super sweet, 100% edible Play Dough that has a great texture for molding all kinds of artistic creations!


For each ball of Play Dough, you’ll need:

3/4 cup canned white frosting
2 cups powdered sugar
1 packet Kool-Aid powder

Since we were working with a group of 12 kids, we decided to make things easier on everyone by pre-measuring the ingredients. Each child got two sealed plastic bags, one containing their frosting, and one containing the 2 cups of powdered sugar.


First, each student chose what color/flavor Kool-Aid mix they wanted, then they added the contents of the packet to the bag containing the powdered sugar. Then, they worked in pairs to squeeze the contents of the frosting bag into the bag with the dry ingredients. One person would hold the bag while the other squeezed, then they’d switch.


Once all three ingredients were in the same bag, we made sure it was tightly sealed and then started squeezing, mashing, and mixing it to combine them into a dough. At first, the Kool-Aid mix wasn’t visible, but the more the kids squeezed things around, the mixture started to turn the color they wanted. Once the dough was formed, it was time to play!


Many of the kids tasted the dough just to see what it was like since it was totally edible {you can see some of them tasting and smelling it in the background} but none of them decided to make it a snack because it’s so super-sweet!


The kids had a blast creating the dough and of course using it to mold shapes, words, and anything they could imagine.


It has a great texture and it happens to smell really good too, thanks to the Kool-Aid mix. Does this sound like something the little folks in your life would enjoy creating and using?


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