Multicolored Statement Necklace

Hey, friends!  If you’ve been hanging around for awhile, it probably comes as no surprise that my obsession for this Spring is coral!  So, naturally I’ve been working on making some fun jewelry pieces to wear with my coral outfits {most notably the infamous PYP midi skirt}.
I’ve made several coral memory wire bracelets and a necklace already, but this time, I wanted to go with something multicolored so I could wear it with pretty much any outfit I put together.  Here’s what I came up with!
– assorted beads
{mine are 14mm Kallaite beads from}
– stringing wire
– two crimp beads
– two large jump rings {mine are ovals}
– chain {whatever length you desire}
– needle nose and flat nose pliers, wire cutters

STEP 1: Arrange your beads in the order you want them.  I played around with several different patterns before finding the one I liked best.

STEP 2: String beads onto your stringing wire.  Or use child labor…lol. 

STEP 3: Add a crimp bead and jump ring to each end.

To do this, thread wire through crimp bead, then through the jump ring, then back down through the crimp bead. Use a crimping tool to secure the crimp bead, or squeeze it tightly with pliers.  Cut excess stringing wire.

STEP 4: Attach chain to jump rings on both sides.

If you’re making a long necklace like mine, you don’t need a clasp because you can just slip it over your head.  If you prefer a shorter necklace, cut the chain in the back and add a clasp and jump ring.

Now it’s ready to wear!  I love the variety of colors because it will go with pretty much anything in my closet!   Especially my coral pieces…;)

What do you think?  Is there a place in your jewelry wardrobe for a multicolored statement necklace like this?

Hugs & Glitter,

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