Painted Striped Vase

Friends, now is the perfect time to brighten up your home with cheerful flowers! Bring them in from the garden, or if you’re allergic like me, use a realistic silk version, but any way you do it, it’s a great way to bring a little bit of the season indoors. Of course, you’re going to need a pretty vase to put them in, so I came up with this super-easy Painted Striped Vase that matches my décor. You can make this in less than twenty minutes and customize with your own color scheme.

Painted Striped Vase

Hand Made Modern Ceramic Milk Jug {Small}
Multi-Surface Paint, your choice of colors
Painters’ Tape

Before we get started, let’s talk for a second about the vase I used. Have you noticed that Target has expanded their craft supply section?! I was super excited a few weeks ago to see all the new options they have; ribbon, burlap, paints, wooden letters to paint, and more. I spied this ceramic milk jug for $4.99 and it was just begging me to take it home and decorate it. Who was I to say no? There’s also a larger version of this same thing that’s a few inches taller and costs $7.99.

Here’s what I did.

Step 1: Wrap a piece of tape around the vase, making sure the ends meet. The part below the tape is the section that will be your bottom color. Mine is approximately 1/3 of the way up the vase, but you can put it anywhere you like.

Step 2: Paint the bottom section of your vase the color of your choice. Remove the tape and let it dry completely.

Step 3: Wrap a piece of tape around the vase covering the top of the painted part. The top of your tape should be right where the top of your painted section is. Wrap a second piece higher up.

Step 4: Paint the section between the two pieces of tape whatever color you like. Let it dry completely.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the final painted section of your vase. Remove all tape, let the vase dry, then it’s ready to use!

Painted Stripe Vase

The fun part is that you can take this basic design and customize it completely by using whatever colors you like, however many stripes you want, and varying the widths of the stripes. Anything goes!

Painted Striped Vase

I love the way this design feels simple, classic, and modern all at once. Where in your home would a vase like this be a perfect fit? What colors would it be?

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