Baby Shower Thumbprint Art


This past week I (Erin) had the privilege of helping with a dear friend’s baby shower. It was all things girly and I wanted to provide something for the guests to interact with, as well as give my friend a special nursery treasure. I loved all the thumbprint art I had seen on Pinterest, and I decided to create my own!

Baby Shower Thumbprint Art



-Card stock, various colors

-Mod Podge

-Surface-Canvas, thick paper, etc.

-Paint Brush




Step 1: Design and cut pieces out of card stock. I used my Cameo, but you can certainly cut out pieces by hand. Now, some people can paint and free-hand the heck out of these trees (like this girl I know named Amy) but my gifting is elsewhere, so I relied on the help of my Cameo.

Step 2: Mod podge the pack of the pieces, and stick them them to your surface.



Step 3: Allow your guests to apply fingerprints.



Step 4: Frame and give it away!



What I loved about this is the fact that it didn’t take a lot of time, but it’s such a sweet reminder of our time together celebrating the upcoming birth of this beautiful girl and it’s something she (and her mommy) can treasure!  The card stock adds some nice texture and shows you don’t have to be an artist to make create this tree!

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