Gender Reveal Mug


I (Erin) wanted a special way to tell Amy if we were adding a 4th awesome boy or a sweet princess to our family this September. Knowing her love for all things coffee (this shouldn’t be news to you), I decided to create a special mug with a secret message for her. Here’s how it went!

Gender Reveal Mug



-Mug (I got mine at Michaels)


-Oil-Based Sharpie

Step 1: Using your oil-based sharpie, write your secret message (in this case, the baby’s gender) in the bottom of the mug. If you are going to use this as a drinking mug, be sure to cure it in the oven. There are MANY Pinterest tutorials on how to do this, so feel free to look it up! I am not going to show you quite yet what I wrote in the bottom of the cup 😉

Step 2:  Design, cut, and apply vinyl.  I cut out “He or She? Sip and See!”


Step 3: Go to your best friend’s house, fill it with her favorite drink, and hand her the mug. Watch as she looks REALLY confused and doesn’t know what to do.


Continue to watch in amusement as she takes a sip and waits for it to change color or do something magical.


Inform her that the answer is at the BOTTOM of the mug. See best friend proceed to dump out entire contents of said mug into sink.


Watch best friend look at the bottom of the mug, and FREAK OUT! 



She will then want to give you a REALLY BIG HUG!


This was a fun little project to do for my coffee-loving bestie. Although, one forgets how impatient Amy can be, so it was utterly hilarious that she dumped out her precious Starbucks drink to get to the bottom of the drink! We are so thrilled to have a little girl join our bevy of boys, and we can’t wait to meet her! As Amy said, “Let the shopping begin!”


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  1. Whoaaaa! What a lovely idea! I really love that you took photos of all the emotions – so funny! And congrats on pink news – she sure will be one lucky
    Girl having 3 big brothers to look up to.

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