Handkerchief Garland Sew and No-Sew Tutorial

Hi!  It’s Amy, from While Wearing Heels, back to share another fun and easy sew and no-sew tutorial with all of the amazing One Artsy Mama followers.

Today’s sew and no-sew tutorial…a handkerchief garland.

hankies and wi 051ps-title

Don’t have a collection of hankies?  I found mine at a local flea market but you could also search Etsy or ebay.  Handkerchiefs should range in price between $1-$4 depending on how intricate the design.

bunnies, flower crowns 078a

Start by washing your hankies, on a gentle setting.  Once washed, iron and apply a coat of starch to give the delicate hankies some firmness.  *I folded my hankies into a triangle, then ironed and starched them to stay in triangle shape.

grace's bday 051a

Let’s start with the sew version…but keep reading for the no sew.

Grab some double biased tape.  Open the double bias tape and Insert the folded part of the handkerchief in between.  Pin each handkerchief into place.

hankies and wi 034psa

I had my handkerchiefs meet end to end, with no space in between.

hankies and wi 038psa

Head to your sewing machine.  Using either a straight stitch or a zigzag, sew your hankies into place.

hankies and wi 042psa

When all the hankies have been sewn into place, find someplace to hang your hankie garland…

hankies and wi 054psa

And, enjoy!

hankies and wi 062psa

Don’t sew?  No problem.

hankies and wi 086ps-title

Fold your handkerchiefs and pin onto some twine or bias tape using clothespins.

hankies and wi 085psa

No sewing required!

hankies and wi 087psa

Don’t have handkerchiefs?  No problem.

You could also use bandanas.

hankies and wi 107psa

Another no sew option, just drape the bandanas over the twine or biased tape, hang and admire.

hankies and wi 126a

Sew or no-sew, this hankie garland is easy enough, it shouldn’t cause any tears…and if it does, you can always dry up your tears and wipe your nose with one of your hankies 🙂

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moss letter Collage

Or, my watercolor embroidered mason jar garland.

Crafts and Grace's b-day 183a

Until we sew (or no-sew) again next month!

Amy of While Wearing Heels

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