Turn Your Thumb Green with the NIMBUS

Thanks to NIMBUS for sponsoring today’s post and giveaway! All opinions are, as always, honestly my own.

NIMBUS Planter

All of us are good at something. And all of us are terrible at something too. My own personal struggle {besides running or anything ending with “ball”} has always been keeping potted plants alive. My family loves to make fun of me saying that I have a black thumb instead of a green one because I kill any plant that’s not in the ground…and even then it’s 50/50. I’ve tried succulents. Killed them. I’ve tried African Violets. Killed them. Sometimes I think over-water them, sometimes I apparently don’t water them enough…I don’t really know. And yet, I always want to have pretty flowers on the porch to welcome our guests.

When I was at Haven Conference, I had the opportunity to meet some folks who sympathized with my potted plant struggle and challenged me to try a new product called the NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System. It’s a self watering planter that allows the plant and its environment to determine exactly how much water is needed and when. There’s a two-part reservoir around the perimeter of the pot. All you have to do is fill it with water, insert the included actuator, and the Intelligent Watering System™, coupled with the plant, does the rest. I was assured that even I would be able to keep plants alive in it, so I decided to see for myself. Here’s how I set it up.


First, Little Crafter and I removed the packaging from the outside of the planter. Then, we made sure the soil filter was in place in the bottom and set the plug on the base of the planter to “Indoor.” At first, I was naturally going to use the outdoor setting since I’m keeping my plant on the front porch, but after chatting with the folks at Nimbus, we decided indoor was actually the better choice since my porch is covered. The outdoor setting is designed to take into account any rain that happens to fall into the pot as well as the water in the reservoirs, but my plant won’t be getting rained on.


The next step is to insert the handle, then fill the pot with soil and plant whatever you want. We chose to plant mums since it’s fall, but you can also use the NIMBUS for herbs, seeds, other flowers, and even tomato plants.


Once your plant is in place, rotate the handle 90 degrees and remove it. Fill the reservoir completely with water, then replace the handle. You’ll see a blue floating ball at the top of the handle. As the plant waters itself over time, the ball will begin to drop. When it drops out of sight, just rotate and remove the handle, refill the reservoir, and repeat!


What makes the NIMBUS different from other self-watering pots is that it operates on a wet-dry system that allows your plant to experience the natural watering pattern it most desires instead of simply keeping the soil wet at all times, which can lead to fungus, bacteria, and root rot. The NIMBUS lets plants do what they do in nature; receive water and then dry out naturally until the next watering occurs.


It’s been over a week since I planted my mums, and they still look exactly the same…healthy and bright! I haven’t had to do a thing to the pot and my flowers are thriving. I’m anxious to see how long it takes before I need to add water to the reservoir. This part all depends on the climate and your particular plant, but can be up to four weeks. You may notice that I decorated my plain white pot by adding our monogram. I just cut an “L” from brown adhesive vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine and stuck it onto the pot like a sticker. I think it adds a fun personal touch to my fall display. Now I just need some pumpkins! What do you think?


The NIMBUS is available on nimbuspot.com and Amazon. I will be sure to keep you updated on how my plant is doing over the next few weeks and months! In the meantime, I get to offer one of you a NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System of your own to try out! Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form below to enter. Good luck!

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  1. I totally have a black thumb! If you want to see a plant die, just give it to me. The harder I try to keep them alive, the quicker they die 🙁
    I should give something like thus a try!

      1. Yep, it sure does sound like a great fit for that! The folks at NIMBUS mentioned how it’s good for plants in restaurants and malls and places like that where you might not constantly be there to care for them too.

  2. I. Somewhere in between. Some plants do Okay but only when I make sure to water them regularly. I like the succulants a bit better due to being able to neglect them more and not dying as easily!

  3. I have a sorta of in between green thumb. Some plants sure do better than others and some plants kind of scream for help! Anything to help them in this ridiculous heat will certainly help!

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