The Day My Readers Broke Amazon

Friends, for years, I have told the brands I work with and anyone else who will listen that the One Artsy Mama community is something special. I’ve told them that while all bloggers have a readership, I have a community of folks who are passionate about making their lives and homes more beautiful in ways that “real people” can do and encouraging others to do the same. It’s a group of people who inspire and are inspired by each other. That’s why I was so excited to share my big adventure with you, Hand Lettering for Relaxation.

For six months, I thought about how I could best break down the basics of hand lettering in bite-size chunks you all could easily understand and follow. I created designs I hoped you would love to letter. I drew borders for you to color and chose quotes I hoped would speak to you, either to encourage you or make you laugh. For six more months, I waited. Then, before I knew it, the release day came and went.

And what did you all do?

You blessed my socks off.

You went online or into stores and grabbed a copy, showing me your selfies with the book or letting me know you were enjoying it on vacation, in the coffee shop, or with a really tasty looking pizza! You tagged me to say the book had arrived and that you couldn’t wait to dive in. I couldn’t wait either.

You send me pictures of your practice , showing me your developing skills and your creative masterpieces. I think this might be my favorite part…seeing your work! Please keep sharing, keep tagging me, and keep practicing!

You told your friends, you bought copies for your loved ones, and you shared with your kids {psst: super exciting hint – you won’t have to share with them for long! Something new is coming just for them!}

So what happened as a result?

Y’all broke Amazon!

Ok, you didn’t actually break it, but you sold it out! Completely! Get this.

Amazon has no more copies. has no more copies. has no more copies. has no more copies.
THE PUBLISHER has no more copies.

So what does that mean?

My publishing company, Page Street, is doing a second print run of the book. Yes, friends, it is going to the printer for the second time after being released for less than a month. WHAT?!

Because, you.

You bought it. You talked about it. You shared it. You supported me and my dream.

The new copies will be ready in early September, at which time all those places will restock it and we’ll be back in business as normal. Until then, what happens?

If you or someone you know needs a book:

Support your local bookstore! still has copies in stock, as do many local Barnes & Noble and Books a Million stores. can help you locate independent bookstores in your area that are carrying it too.

If you have the book:

Keep sharing! Show me your progress and your photos and all the fun you’re having! And tell your friends…worst case scenario is that they’ll just have to wait about a month to get their own copy. Tag me at @oneartsymama on social or post in the One Artsy Mama & Friends Facebook group so I can see.

Leave a review! I am so very grateful for all the amazing reviews you’ve been leaving on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites. Please continue! If you are loving the book and you haven’t yet reviewed it, I’d be honored for you to take a minute to do so. Even if you didn’t purchase from Amazon, you can still leave a review and it makes a big difference.

Thank you again, friends, from the bottom of my heart, for your support of this project. It was and is for you, and it means the world that you are using it to take time out for yourselves. Your support also led to my publisher being more than open to the next chapter…more on that soon. You all are the reason I do what I do, and I am grateful for you every day.



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  1. Wow!! I am so happy for you…Your book is amazing…I am so thankful people are enjoying all your hard work…I love mine…

  2. As I said in my Amazon review, you knocked it out of the ballpark with this one chickie!! One can tell by the quality, details, info, etc…you put your heart & soul into this book & that my dear is why YOU broke a record!! It’s an amazing feat & I am so happy for you! Enjoy it! Treat yourself & a friend to a spa day. Or take the family on a vacation to somewhere YOU want to go! It’s time to relax & CELEBRATE!!! MUCH Luv from Kentucky!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Actually, it’s going to fund the adoption, but that definitely benefits me too! Love that little man already!

  3. I cannot wait to receive my copy. Amazon says that it should ship between Aug 22-30! I got the pens that you recommended and I’m going to print your practice sheets. I’m gonna figure this out. Thanks!

  4. But the kindle version is available! I bought a copy to hold me over till my physical copy shops. And I’m having lots of fun with it too!

  5. I am a copyright editor, I am interested in publishing your book. please write to me, let’s talk more…

      1. Sorry I made you confused. But I mean the book’s Chinese version. Is it still available? or already sold it to a publisher in China??

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