"P" is for…

It’s been a strange day around here, to say the least.  As that nasty band of storms traveled up the east coast, our area was under a variety of tornado watches and warnings from about 4:30 this morning until 3 PM.  We’ve had ridiculously hard rain, storms, and wind mixed with periods of warm and beautiful sunshine.  At one point, things looked particularly threatening, so Noah and I headed to what I figured was the safest spot in our basement…but thankfully nothing dangerous ever materialized.  Whew!  Anyway, it’s been a kind of random day, and I figured out that it’s best summed up with a bunch of “P’s.”

P is for Patience. 

Mine is gone.  Little Crafter has been a ball of energy all day; mad because he couldn’t go outside, sad that Grammy couldn’t come, and a little off-kilter since he could tell I was kind of worried about the weather.  So, he responded in typical 2 year old fashion.  Making big messes, having a five-second attention span, banging his head on purpose, picking his nose, and {my personal favorite} yelling, “Noah needs his mama, Noah needs his mama” at the top of his lungs for five minutes straight while hanging from my neck as I tried to have a phone conversation.  Nice pic, huh?

P is for Practice.
So, if you read yesterday’s post, you know that my super-awesome friend Jess gave me a crash course in basic jewelry making.  She helped me with a pair of earrings and I tackled a birds’ nest.  This morning, while I sat in the basement watching the constant weather and radar reports on TV, I decided to practice what I learned.  Noah was busy watching {of all things} the Charlie Brown Christmas movie on his little travel DVD player at the time, so I actually was able to get this necklace made.  I like it!
P is for Puddles.
When the rain stopped around 1:00 and it looked like we were finished with storms for at least a few hours, I told Noah to get his froggy boots on; it was puddle time!  Both of us were relieved to get out of the house a bit, and he was more than happy to run and splash.
P is for Precious.
While we were out splashing, we decided to take a walk.  Noah found these lilacs and I was lucky enough to capture the moment.  Nevermind that he forcibly ripped them off a neighbor’s bush…it’s still precious. 🙂
P is for Personality
Which Noah has in abundance.  He is the funniest, sweetest kid I’ve ever met, and possibly the most talkative too…which is interesting considering that he was so late to develop a big vocabulary.  A few weeks before Christmas, he could say about 20 words.  Now he talks ALL day long.  Nonstop.  I love it…most of the time.
P is for Pink.
I love, love, love the tree in our backyard.  In the fall, it turns a gorgeous orange, and in the spring it’s full of puffy pink blossoms.  Every year I wait impatiently for it to bloom.  This year it was about 2 weeks late and didn’t open up until this past Monday.  And so, I’m really ticked off that today’s storms knocked a whole bunch of the blossoms off.  I had hoped to set up the tripod and get a family photo in front of it one day this week…so much for that!  At least we got these separate shots.  I am loving the one of my two favorite boys!
…and P is for Photo Enhancement.
If you’ve been reading lately, you’ll know that I had my first giveaway recently when I hit 50 followers {yay!}
Carmella, who has a fun blog called Creative Carmella, was the winner of a photo enhancement.  I asked her to email me a picture, and she sent me this sweet shot of her oldest child, Nola, who shares my love of dance.
The tutu was just begging to be the focal point, so I based the edit around it.  Here’s what I made for her:
Hope you like it, Carmella!  Enjoy!
Alas, P is also for Productive, which I probably should be right now.  Laundry calls.  At least hubby will be home in a few hours, and we all know that P is for PizzaHope you have a Perfectly wonderful day!

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  1. I enjoyed this “P” Post…Your necklace is beautiful and Noah is so precious…I’m sure he loved the puddles. We are looking forward to our visitor tomorrow.

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