Mixed Media O-ring Necklace

Hey One Artsy Mama readers!  It’s ChiWei from One Dog Woof here again today! This will be my last month contributing here, but I wanted to show you a quick little crochet project you can whip together with supplies from the hardware store!  I love mixed media projects, so this one is just my style.  Using o-rings from the plumbing aisle, I made myself a …well, I guess I’d call it an O-ring Necklace?


Anyways, it’s pretty simple stuff.  Grab yourself some o-rings first.  I found them next to the hot and cold plumbing pipes.  They come in all different sizes and the small ones are fairly inexpensive, so feel free to buy a couple packs to experiment with.


Next, you’ll want to make yourself a bunch of rings.  Treat the o-ring like a pre-made magic circle, and work a chain into the ring.  Then single crochet all the way around.  Keep compacting the stitches together so you won’t leave any part of the ring showing.  Make sure to end the round seamlessly (use this tutorial if you don’t know how), and weave in your ends.


To make the necklace, just use jump rings to attach each ring to the next.






Thanks for reading my posts these past few months!  Come check out the miniature crochet trees I made for the holidays, or, if you want to see what else I’ll be creating in the future, be sure to follow me on Bloglovin’ or subscribe to One Dog Woof via RSS or email!


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