Clothespin Giraffes

Recently, we got together with another Artsy family so the kiddos could have a crafting playdate.  One of the two projects we made was a cute and simple beaded butterfly, which I shared in yesterday’s post.  The other project was this adorable giraffe, which I saw on  It was pretty easy to make; the hardest part was waiting for parts of it to dry so we could move on to the next step.  Here’s how we made them and you can too:

MATERIALS {per giraffe}:
– three clothespins
– yellow cardstock
– yellow and brown acrylic paint
– brown pipecleaner {thanks for ours,!}
– yellow pom pom
– google eyes
– craft glue or hot glue
– scissors, paint brushes
STEP 1: Paint clothespins yellow and let dry.  {You may have to do two or three sides at a time, then flip them when that part is dry}.
STEP 2: Cut cardstock into an oval shape for body.

STEP 3: Use thumb in brown paint to create spots on giraffe’s body and the clothespins.

STEP 4: Attach clothespins to body as legs and neck.

STEP 5: Glue pom pom inside clothespin to form head.

STEP 6: Glue pipecleaner to the back of neck clothespin.

STEP 7: Add eyes. {It was actually the kids’ idea to add the eyes on}!

I’d say they were a hit!  Happy crafting!

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