Wedding Busy Bags for Kids

As many of you know, this past weekend we celebrated my brother-in-law’s wedding in upstate NY.  When my mother-in-law found out that there could be as many as fifteen children in attendance, she wanted to make sure that the kids had a good time too.  She decided we should create some “busy bags” that had activities and snacks for the children, who ranged in age from two to nine.  Here’s how we put them together!


Wedding Busy Bags

You’ll need:
– assorted colored gift bags
– small stuffed animals
– juice boxes
– individual pouches of snack crackers
– printable coloring pages {we used wedding images, but you could use anything!}
– crayons
– stickers

Wedding Busy Bags

Little Crafter wanted to be big chief in charge of assembling the bags, and it was a great way for him to feel like a part of the festivities before they started.  We opened up all of the bags and set things up like an assembly line.

Wedding Busy Bags

First, he placed a juice box and pack of snack crackers in each bag.  Then we rolled up the coloring pages and tied them with a ribbon and put those in the bags along with three crayons.  Next, we gave each bag some stickers, and finally, LC chose a stuffed animal to peek out from the top.

Wedding Busy Bags

Here’s a peek at the contents of Little Crafter’s bag.

Wedding Busy Bags

He had a blast putting them together, and had even more fun being in charge of making sure every child got one.  The bags were a huge hit!  The kids loved the stuffies, and I saw lots of juice boxes and goldfish being consumed.  Here’s LC with the two year old flower girl…he seriously melts my heart.


These wedding busy bags were relatively inexpensive to make and were a really thoughtful way to keep the kids entertained and happy.  One child at the wedding fell down a few steps and was so upset his parents thought they were going to have to leave until Little Crafter gave him a gift bag.  The stuffed cow made the boy so happy he ended up saying he didn’t want to go home!

Wedding Busy Bags

Be sure to stay tuned for more photos and ideas from the wedding, coming soon!  In the meantime, what do you think of this idea?  What would you love to get in a busy bag for your kids?


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  1. This is awesome! I’m planning my wedding now and we will be having up to thirty kids under ten! I’ve seen ideas for kid favors at the reception but giving them out at the ceremony makes so much more sense. Plus it gives my fiance’s nephew an important role as Kid Concierge! Love love love it!!

    1. Yes! LC loved being the “Kid Concierge”…he felt so important and it got him out of his shell to meet the other kids, some of whom he ended up playing with at the reception.

  2. Way back when, I made personalized canvas bags for my ring bearer and flower girl, filled with quiet activities they could do during the ceremony and reception…they loved it, and the parents were grateful too!

  3. How adorable! If you’re going to have children at a wedding, it really is important to make sure there’s something for them to do. I enjoyed my adults-only reception, but now that I have tots of my own, wouldn’t mind bringing them along to the festivities.

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