Not-So-Scary Harry, A Hide and Seek Ghost Game

Hello Friends! I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me (Erin), but with Amy in China, it’s given me the perfect opportunity to take over the blog today! Halloween is coming up quickly, and I wanted to make a fun little game for my blonde army. I can’t wait to introduce you to Not-So-Scary Harry and how he’s been happily haunting our house these days.

Isn’t he adorable? Harry is very easy to put together with a few supplies.


White Felt
Black Felt
Pink Felt
Sewing Machine/Needle and Thread (or just do a no-sew and hot glue!)
Hot Glue
Plastic Snap-Together Eyes

Making Your Ghost

Step 1: Cut your ghost out! 

I did a quick sketch on a piece of paper of the shape I liked, and then cut out two of the ghosts on white felt (one front, one back.) I cut out one rectangle for the pocket. Your little haunt can be any shape, just make sure there’s room for a pocket on the back.


Step 2. Sew on the pocket.

I used the blanket stitch on my machine for a more decorative edge on the pocket. You can use any stitch you’d like, or just hot glue the edges. Make sure there’s an open top, and lots of room to put things in!


Step 3: Sew your ghost together.

Pin your right sides together (make sure your pocket is on the inside, so when it’s flipped right-side out, the pocket will be on the outside!) and sew shut (or hot glue). Leave a small opening so you can fill Harry with fluff!

Step 4: Give your ghost a face.

I wanted Harry to be a friendly ghost, so I give him an adorable smile with rosy cheeks. Obviously, you can go scary, or even funny, whatever expression you’d like. I snapped in the eyes, and hot glued the rest of the felt features.

Step 5: Fill with fluff and sew or hot glue shut!

And now it’s time to play Hide-and-Seek with our Not-So-Scary Harry! Grab a piece of candy, a note, a small toy, etc., and tuck it into Harry’s pocket.

Hide Harry around the house, wherever your kids might stumble upon him for a fun surprise “boo!”

Whoever is “booed” gets the treat in the back, and then they can put something new in the pocket and re-hide Harry.  It’s a fun way to surprise each other and allow everyone to have a little not-so-scary Halloween fun! If you make your own Harry, (or whatever you’d like to name your little house haunt), we’d love to see pictures of him (or her). Boo!

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