St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Image contains three Leprechaun Gnome snacks and three Shamrock Pretzel snacks on a round white tray.

As we get ready for St. Patrick’s Day, here are two festive snack ideas that are as fun to create as they are to eat! My son Noah made these treats on set for Good Day PA; take a look! Then, scroll down for written recipes/instructions below.


Image contains three Leprechaun Gnomes made from sugar cones, jumbo marshmallows, frosting, and sprinkles.


sugar cones

jumbo marshmallows

candy melts OR frosting

green and orange sprinkles

round candies for nose

Roll the open end of the sugar cone in frosting or melted candy melts, then add green sprinkles. We used white frosting, but you could use green if you prefer. Gently stuff a jumbo marshmallow inside the cone for the gnome’s head. Use orange frosting or candy melt in a “u” shape to create a beard, then add orange sprinkles. Attach a round candy nose with frosting. You can use any color nose you like; we found ours in a bag of Key Lime flavored M&M candies.

Shamrock Pretzel Treats:

Image contains three pretzel shamrock snacks made by placing three small pretzels and a pretzel stick in a shamrock shape and attaching them together with melted chocolate and a green candy.


miniature pretzels (3 per treat)

pretzel sticks

Rolo candies (you can also use a chocolate kiss)

green round candies (ours were Key Lime M&Ms)

On a foil lined baking sheet, arrange pretzels to form a shamrock shape, as well as a pretzel stick for the stem. You may want to break a bit of the stick to make it shorter. Place a Rolo candy upside down on top, in the center where the pretzels all come together. Bake for 2 minutes at 250 degrees F. This should be warm enough to make the candy start to melt, but not completely liquify. Remove from the oven and carefully press a green candy into the soft chocolate. Let it re-harden, then enjoy.

Image contains three leprechaun gnome snacks and three pretzel shamrock snacks on a white circular tray.

Kids of all ages will love helping to create, and of course, to eat these treats! We hope you and your family enjoy them as much as we do.

Image contains a smiling boy in a lime green polo shirt standing in a kitchen behind a tray of St. Patrick’s Day treats.

Be sure to check out these other festive St. Patrick’s Day and Spring craft ideas for the whole family. And don’t forget to join the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group so you can share your own project photos. Let’s inspire each other!

Image contains three Leprechaun Gnome Snacks and three shamrock pretzel snacks on a white tray, accented with green M&Ms.



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