5 Fall Crafts for Kids

Looking for some fun fall projects to do with the little folks in your life? Here’s a quick peek back at five of our favorites from years past. Take a look and see which ones might be a great fit for your family!

These Fall Leaf Coasters cost less than a quarter a piece to make! Grab some tiles from the local hardware store, along with some tissue paper, scissors, and Mod Podge, and you’ll have a festive set of coasters in no time. Make some for yourself and a few sets to give as gifts! School age kids can do this entire project with very little supervision, and smaller kiddos will enjoy placing the cut leaf shapes on the tiles.

Make this Apple Print Photo Frame with a real apple and your choice of paint or Ultra Dye. Even the smallest of helpers can have fun with this one and it makes a great gift for grandparents!

Bring the fun of the pumpkin patch home by creating your own Mini Pumpkin PatchOlder kids will love making the scarecrow and children of all ages will have fun planting the grass seeds and watching them grow.

If your idea of fun is sometimes a little messy, this Marbled Leaf Mobile is for you. Your little helpers will love mixing paint and shaving cream to create these patterned leaves, and it will be a pretty piece of decor you can hang up all season long.

Our family isn’t a fan of the scary side of Halloween, but these Monster Eyeballs keep things light and fun. All you need are key rings and some Sculpey clay and you’ll have your own Glow-in-the-Dark Monster Eyeball Keychains!

Whaddya think? Which of these would your little helpers enjoy making the most? What are your favorite fall craft activities? Let us know over at One Artsy Mama & Friends on Facebook!

5 Fall Crafts for Kids

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