7 Pumpkin Themed Projects for Fall

We all know that fall is just about synonymous with “pumpkin,” right? This is the time of year for all things pumpkin related, whether it’s flavoring in our food and drink or decor around our homes. Here are 7 fun pumpkin-themed projects from our archives that you might not have seen. Each one is festive, super-easy, inexpensive, and perfect for this time of year. Take a look…

Y’all know I’m not much of a chef, so this is how I make Pumpkin Pi …with a pumpkin and a paint pen! This punny pumpkin will be the talk of the neighborhood and it’ll even make your grumpiest neighbor crack a smile.

Need a place to put all that Halloween candy? Store it in this Jack-o-Lantern Treat Holder. Even the smallest helpers will have fun making this easy paint project and gluing on the felt pieces to turn a plain container into something festive & fun!

Make nighttime fun, not scary with these cute little Halloween Night Lights. They’re inexpensive to make and kids will love how they look in the daytime as well as when they glow at night!

Looking for some grownup decor?  This Stenciled Wooden Pumpkin Sign is a great addition to your porch or wall. Use the full tutorial to build the wooden sign, then paint it, or grab a pre-built sign from the craft store and just decorate it instead!

Stencil projects are fun for crafters of all ages; these Stenciled Trick-or-Treat Bags are a great way to let kids express their creativity to make something really useful!

Turn a simple terracotta flowerpot into a Jack-o-Lantern with just a little bit of paint! It’ll look adorable sitting on a mantel or shelf, especially when you fill it with goodies.

Create a Thankful Pumpkin to help your family focus on all the blessings in your life this year! Starting whenever you like, have each family member share ideas of things they’re grateful for. Use a permanent marker or a paint pen to write everything on a pumpkin, then use it as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner!

Whaddya think? Which of these pumpkin projects would you and your family enjoy trying this fall?

7 Easy Pumpkin Projects for Fall

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