Halloween Night Lights

Halloween Night Lights

Hi friends! Even though it’s only September and the kids are just getting back to school, the store shelves are already stocked with Halloween candy and costumes, and Pinterest is filling up with creative Halloween decoration ideas! I (Erin) have a super quick and easy project that you can do by yourself, or with the kiddos. These Halloween night lights are perfect to put on the nightstand by your child’s bed, or by your door to welcome trick-or-treaters. Keep reading to see how to make these adorable lights!

Halloween Night Lights

Halloween Night Lights


-Plastic Snow Globe (I found mine at Michaels)

-Battery Operated Tea Light

-Tissue Paper (I used orange, white, and yellow, but it depends on what design you’d like to make!)

-Mod Podge and brush

-Black Vinyl, Optional Vinyl Cutter

-Ribbon and Glue Dots

-Optional: Sticky Tack, Velcro, Painter’s Tape, etc. (Anything you’d like to use to temporarily hold the tea light in place)

Step 1: Apply a coat of Mod Podge to a part of the globe. Place tissue paper squares on the Mod Podge . Seal over the tissue paper with more Mod Podge. Continue until the globe is covered.

Halloween Night Lights

Step 2: Add fun details! For the jack-o-lantern, I cut out a face from black vinyl and stuck it on. This is so fun for kids, because they can cut out any shapes they want and make their own faces! I also added some leaves to the top of his little head.

Halloween Night Lights

I used my vinyl cutter to cut the lettering for the candy corn globe, but you could use alphabet stickers and let the kids decorate their own.

Step 4: Using glue dots, attach the ribbon around the base of the snow globe. This gives it a more finished look. I went with burlap because it was rustic and neutral, but a cute Halloween ribbon would be perfect too!

Halloween Night Lights

Step 5: Place tea light on to the base (the “lid”). You can use something to hold it in place, just make sure you can pick the tea light up to turn it off and on! Screw the base back on to the globe.

Halloween Night Lights

That’s it! These lights turned out SO cute, and the possibilities are endless, whether it’s more Halloween fun, or another holiday design.

Halloween Night Lights



My boys have already claimed them for their room, but I’ll probably sneak them downstairs for the trick-or-treaters to see as they come up our porch steps.

Halloween Night Lights

Would you like even more quick and easy Halloween crafts? Be sure to check the others out in this special Halloween Craft Lightening Series!

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  1. I really like this and is easy to do. My troop would enjoy this even as a nightlife or carry around at camp. Thk you so much. Jennifer

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