Build a Pallet Bench: Part 1

DIY Wooden Pallet Bench

Friends! I could not be more excited to share today’s project with you! It’s the first big thing I’ve ever actually built with my own two hands and some tools. It was definitely a step outside my comfort zone…usually I stick to the decorative and crafty side of things, but I really wanted to challenge myself and prove that I could be handy too. We are planning on turning part of our new backyard into a sweet little rose garden and I wanted a bench where we could sit and enjoy it. When I went to Haven Conference in July, I spent time talking to the folks from Crates and Pallet and Ryobi about how to make it happen, and with their help, I was able to make this simple DIY Wooden Pallet Bench! Here’s how I did it in one afternoon and so can you…honestly.


My pallets were provided by Crates and Pallet; all opinions are my own. These are available at Home Depot and
2 Half Pallets

2 Quarter Pallets
2 2×4’s, cut into 6 20 inch pieces
3″ screws

Step 1: Insert your 20″ pieces of 2×4 into the short sides of your half pallets and secure with nails.

Ok, so let me explain this part a sec. Pallets are “open” on two ends, which makes it tricky to attach them together in certain ways because there’s nowhere to put a screw. We have to close up those ends by taking a piece of wood that fits right in that slot.


The best way we found to do this is to nail them using my favorite new tool, the cordless RYOBI AirStrike Brad Nailer, from both the top and the bottom of the pallet. I got to try this tool at Haven and absolutely fell in love with it. You load the nails into the magazine almost like you’d load a stapler. Then, add the One + battery and you’re in business! The entire family of RYOBI cordless tools operates on the same battery, so the one I used here also works for our trimmer and bush trimmer.


Step 2: Place your remaining 20″ pieces into one open end of each quarter pallet.

This is the same thing you did for the half pallets, but this time we’re only concerned about one side because it makes a nice arm rest. If you want to close in the other sides, feel free to do that too, but we chose to leave ours open because we thought it would help the bench to sit better in the yard where it’s not completely flat.


Step 3: Position one quarter pallet face down against the side of the half pallet that will be the seat and add three 3″ screws to hold it in place.

This is the “trickiest” part because it’s about getting the angle right. We just played around with it and eyed it up. The back corner of the seat hits the very top of the bottom slat and the front hits the very top of the second slat. You also want a little bit of overhang; the bench seat comes out farther than the arm rests.


Step 4: Repeat on the other side.

Flip your bench over and position the other quarter pallet. We actually used the side of the house to help us line it up; we pushed the bench up against the corner to help us see where the other pallet needed to be to make things even. This time, though, don’t insert your screws all the way. Leave them loose so that you have a little “wiggle room” to slide the back in.


Step 5: Slide the final pallet in place and secure with 3″ screws.


That’s it! Four pallet pieces and a couple of 2×4’s become a fun bench! It’s actually more like a love seat size, which is pretty fun and perfect for the spot in our yard where we want it to go.


What do you think of my first handy-girl project?! I couldn’t be more proud of myself! Special thanks to Crates and Pallet, Ryobi, and hubby for helping me figure things out and make this happen. Now, of course, you all know this project isn’t finished. The next step was to sand and stain it, and then I’m going to need to pretty it up with some cushions and pillows, right? That’s why this post is called “Part 1”! Stay tuned to see how I stained and waterproofed it, coming soon!


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  1. Hey Amy, that was amazing. I have been thinking of how I could make use of my old pallets and maybe I can play around with them and see if I can come out with something like yours. Thanks for sharing, you made it look so simple, must try it out.


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