Stenciled Trick or Treat Bags

Every kiddo needs a bag to hold their trick {or trunk} or treat goodies, right? Why not make it extra fun and let them decorate their own? Recently, we had the opportunity to try out some new stenciled tote kits from Cutting Edge Stencils and I thought it would be awesome for Little Crafter to do with his buddies next door. Each boy got to choose his favorite stencil, then use it to create a unique, festive bag.

Stenciled Trick or Treat Bags

It was really easy to do…well, at least it as for the neighbor boys. *Honestly moment*: My own son got so grumpy that I wanted him to take off his karate uniform before using fabric paint that he refused to cooperate and hasn’t made his bag yet. Yep. That’s real life. Anyway, here’s how it went for the cooperative children.

{Ours were provided by Cutting Edge Stencils; all opinions are my own.}

Lil’ Bats Stencil
Pumpkin Stencil
Paint-a-Pillow Stencil Frame
Cotton Tote 17×17″
Fabric Paint
Sponge Brushes

Optional: Google eyes, Glue, Fabric Markers

Step 1: Assemble your tote and stencil in the frame.
This is really easy to do and there are metal brads that hold everything in place, so you don’t have to worry about your stencil moving around while you work.


Step 2: Use a sponge brush to apply fabric paint inside your stencil.
Even small crafters, like our five year old neighbor, are able to do this part with just a little bit of supervision and help.

Step 3: Remove the stencil and add any extra details.
This kiddo wanted a whole scene surrounding his pumpkin, so he added grass, a vine, a sun, and a moon. He also asked me to help him draw some little stars.


Once all the paint is dry, you can remove the cardboard insert from the tote and it’s ready to use! By the way, if you’re thinking that pumpkin looks familiar, you’re right…I also used it on my Fall Welcome Sign.

Stenciled Trick or Treat Bags

Crafter Pal decided to use the Lil’ Bats stencil on his bag. The only detail he wanted to add was gluing google eyes on when the paint was dry.

Stenciled Trick or Treat Bags

They turned out so cute, and they’re huge {17×17″} so they’ll hold plenty of candy and treats when the time comes! The boys can also use them whenever they want to carry their toys or books.

Stenciled Trick or Treat Bags

The best part was how easy they were to make. Both boys, ages 5 and 8, were able to do exactly what they wanted, and they’re thrilled with the end results. I’m anxious to see how Little Crafter’s turns out {he picked a spider and some tiny pumpkins as his stencils} when he actually decides to make it. What stencils would you and the kiddos in your life choose?

Stenciled Trick or Treat Bags

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