Monogram Jewelry Box & Statement Necklace

Remember back in November and December when each day you could look forward to voting in the New Voices of Beauty contest?  It was so fun, wasn’t it?  The daily reminders, the satisfaction of clicking, “vote,”…..ah, I know you miss it, don’t you?  Ok, maybe not.  But you DID make your voices heard and you helped me win the title, the trip to NYC, and a trip to Lucky FABB L.A.!  You rocked that vote…and now I’m going to beg you to do it again.

You may be familiar with a site called FaveCrafts, or perhaps some of its sister sites, like,,, and more.  They sponsored a great event for us at CHA where bloggers were able to connect with brands, and then they gave us a challenge.  We were supposed to use supplies we received in our goody bags to create something…anything!  We all submitted our projects, and now it’s up to you to vote for your favorite!  Here’s mine: Monogram Jewelry Box & Statement Necklace


I mainly used supplies I got from Krylon and Darice, and there are some Plaid goodies thrown in too.  I am particularly {ok, ridiculously} proud of this little project because it is *the first time* I have ever successfully spray painted anything!  When I was at CHA, I had a special meeting with the Krylon girls, who gave me some expert tips to boost my confidence, which was in the toilet because I was officially the worst spray painter in the world.  Trust me, I’d tried, but it was always an epic fail.  This time, armed with my new tips, I came home and sprayed that box like a boss!  Then I prettied it up and made a fun, very on-trend necklace to go inside.  What do you think?


If you go to the Fave Crafts site and click on the project name, you can see the full list of supplies I used and how I made both pieces…and while you’re there, would you pretty please VOTE?!   You can vote only one time per device during the voting period, which ends March 11.  The projects load in a different order each time the page loads, so just look for my name {Amy Latta}, my blog name, and this project, then click VOTE!

I appreciate it {and you} so much, friends!  Hope you like the project!  Can I get a spray paint fist-bump?



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