Wooden Christmas Tree Box


Even with four kids, I try to find time for at least one “big” new Christmas project each year. I’ve shared lots of ornaments with you this year, but I had to show you my adorable Christmas tree box. The box is the perfect size to hold all of your holiday cards, seasonal treats, or even lighted bits of garland.

-Lattice or Furring Strip (I only needed one 8 foot long piece)
-Saw (My husband used a tabletop circular, but you don’t have to get that fancy)
-Wood Glue
-Wooden Box (I used THIS ONE from Michaels)
-White Chalky Paint
-Green Chalky Paint
-Paint for Wording
-Tree Decorations (I used some berry garland and metal stars)
-Hot Glue
-Optional-Stencil Material (I used vinyl)

Step 1: Cut your wood. I went with a lattice strip/furring strip because they are cheap, but when put together, look like a mini pallet. This time around, I personally did not cut any wood, since I was on baby-cuddling duty. There was also a lot of math involved, which is definitely not my strong suit, but my husband always likes an excuse to use power tools AND math.

Steve Cutting

Using an 8 foot long furring strip, we are able to cut the entire tree. If you use the same box from Michaels that I did, my husband’s measurements should work beautifully for you. The ends of the strips were cut at a 45 degree angle. If you use a bigger or smaller box, adjust accordingly. Or ask my husband. 😉


Step 2: Using the wood glue, glue another part of the furring strip on the back of the tree. The back piece should reach the top triangle, down to the bottom of the wood box (not shown, but measured).


Step 3: Paint! After giving my tree a quick coat of white chalky paint, I went over it with DecoArt’s “New Life” Chalky Finish paint. I did more of a “dry brushing” with the green, so the white still came through, and gave it a distressed appearance. (Ignore the paint on the bottom of the tree, I was playing with different colors.)


Step 4: Add decorations. I actually re-purposed an old basket arrangement, and used some of its metal stars and berry garland. You can decorate yours with whatever you’d like! I secured everything with hot glue (on the back of tree, so you wouldn’t see any hot glue mess).


Step 5: Decorate your wooden box. First off, you can totally build your own box, but honestly folks, I have four kids, so if there’s a short cut, I’m gonna take it. Ha! Pre-made wooden box for the win. Anyhoo, I wanted to have wording on mine. I could have tried hand-lettering, but I didn’t have a paint marker with a color that matched. Instead, I went with the same technique I used for my stenciled nursery sign (more detailed instructions on how to paint with stencils HERE). For the quick and dirty version, I cut a stencil out of vinyl and weeded out the letters. I used transfer paper to help move the stencil and place it correctly on the box. After removing the paper, you’re left with the vinyl stencil and can paint over the letters (I used a round stencil brush). Remove the vinyl, and tada!


Step 6: Using the wood glue, attach the back of the box to the front of the tree’s furring strip. Once it’s dry it’s time to fill your box with Christmas cheer! Christmas greenery can fill the box nicely, even tiny ornaments or tinsel can work. I snuck in a battery-operated light garland so it lights up too!



This box is also the PERFECT size for Christmas cards! We don’t have a space to display cards, but having a central location for them is a great idea. We like to switch out the cards in the front, so we can see different ones each day.


I just love how this turned out! You can customize it for any home, mine happens to be more rustic when it comes to Christmas decorating. I’m sure a white tree with metallics might rock in the Artsy home, or wrap the box with this season’s plaid trend.

This is the last post from me (Erin) before Christmas arrives, so I would love to wish everyone a joyous holiday with lots of love and memories!

Merry Christmas to the One Artsy Mama community!

Love, Erin, Stephen, Prince C, Bam Bam, Squishy, and our sweet baby Claire =)

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