Easy Tag Blanket: #mfb Baby Edition

Hey, friends!  Today, some of #myfavoritebloggers are joining together again to bring you some fabulous creative posts!  This month, in honor of the new life that comes with Spring, our theme is Babies.  Since Little Crafter is a whopping five years old now, it’s been awhile since I made anything for a baby, but I did have this simple tag blanket tutorial that I posted so long ago that I’m betting most of you have never seen it.  It’s super easy and I thought it turned out really cute…take a peek.


Easy Tag Blanket

TIME: 30 minutes
COST: inexpensive, especially if you already have scrap fabric and ribbon
SPECIAL TOOLS: sewing machine
SPECIAL SKILLS: very basic sewing

-fabric scrap {enough for two 9×9 squares}
– assorted ribbon
– batting
– sewing machine, thread, pins, needle, scissors
STEP 1: Cut your fabric into two squares {it can be any size really; mine was 9″x9″}.
STEP 2: Cut coordinating ribbon into pieces that are the same length.  I used 20 pieces, 5 along each side.  Fold the ribbons in half and pin to the right side of one of your fabric squares.

tag blanket

STEP 3: Sew around your square as close to the edge as possible to secure the ribbons in place.  Remove pins.

tag blanket

STEP 4: Place the piece of fabric with ribbons attached face up on your work surface.  Place your other piece of fabric on top of it, face down.  Finally, place a square of batting on top.  Pin all 3 layers together. 

*Be sure you layer them in this order!  When I made LC a blanket one time, I put the batting in the middle, then had to seam rip the whole thing. Uggh.* 

Easy Tag Blanket

STEP 5: Sew around the square with a 5/8″ seam allowance.  Be sure not to sew the whole thing shut; leave two or three inches open so that you can turn it!

STEP 6: Turn right side out and hand stitch the opening shut.

Easy Tag BlanketThat’s it!  Easy as pie!  Easier, actually…because I think pie is really hard to make!  Meanwhile, now I want some.  If you’ll excuse me…

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