Geometric Glass Pendants

Special thanks to Darice and Diamond Tech for providing the materials used in this post.  All opinions are honestly my own.

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve cooked up in the microwave lately, here’s one of my newest obsessions…


Dichroic Glass Pendants

TIME: 5 minutes to create, approx 5 minutes to fire, 60 minutes to cool
SPECIAL TOOLS: Fuseworks Microwave Kiln


Fuseworks Beginner Fusing Kit:
kiln, kiln paper, heat resistant mitts, dichroic glass pieces, glass cutter
Fuseworks Fusible Shapes: Circles
Elmer’s glue
– bail, chain, and jewelry glue

Dichroic Glass Pendants

To create these pretty pendants, all you need to do is place a scrap {or several} of dichroic glass on top of a colored or clear fusible glass circle and glue it down with a tiny drop of Elmer’s school glue.  Sometimes, it’s fun to use an irregular shape, as I did in the photo above, while other times it’s fun to find or cut a piece that’s a rectangle, square, or other regular geometric shape.

Dichroic Glass Pendants

Dichroic glass is usually black glass with a shiny, reflective, and sometimes patterned coating on top, so when it fuses to the circle underneath, it gets that great thick black outline around it, which I think adds to the fun of the piece.  For this last one, I decided to take four tiny leftover pieces and put them together like a puzzle on top of a clear circle.  I love seeing the colors and patterns next to each other.

Dichroic Glass Pendants

Once your piece is glued together, place it on a piece of kiln paper inside your microwave kiln and fuse it according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Let it cool completely; at least 30 minutes with the kiln lid still on and another 30-40 minutes after the lid has been removed.

Dichroic Glass Pendants

Once your piece is fused and completely cool, you can glue on a bail, add a chain, and wear it!  You could also choose to turn it into a ring, a pin, a keychain, a magnet, or anything else you like.

Dichroic Glass Pendants

I don’t know about you, but I just love the contrast of the reflective dichroic glass, the black outline, and the colored base…
Which one is your favorite?

Are you enjoying all these projects from my microwave?  I’m having a blast and I keep being inspired to create new and different things.  Curious about the Fuseworks kiln and how this all works?  Take a look at this information or these how-to videos from Diamond Tech.  They also have inspiration for all kinds of other fun fusing projects!  Check out their website or connect with them on Facebook!



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  1. I like the one with all the colors on it! If you want to just throw that one in the mail and send it on, that would be great…haha! Great work, Amy!

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