Metallic Flowers Bangle Bracelet

Friends, I am SO ready for winter to be over! I’m dreaming of warm weather, sunshine, flip flops, and iced coffees…what about you? To help chase away the winter blues, I decided to create a colorful bangle bracelet that would remind me of bright tropical flowers and sunny blue skies. Here’s how I made mine and you can too:


You’ll need:

Wooden Bangle Bracelet, any size and style you like
Folk Art Paints {I used Metallic Aquamarine, Metallic Pearl White, and Multi-Surface Citrus Green}
Plaid Peel & Stick Stencils


Step 1: Paint the entire bangle with two coats of your base color and let it dry completely.
I love the sheen of these metallic paints and this gorgeous aquamarine color reminds me of summer at the beach!


Step 2: Apply the adhesive flower stencil to the first spot where you want a flower to go.
I decided to stencil mine in a random pattern, just alternating heights as I went around the surface of the bangle.


Step 3: Apply paint inside the stencil. Remember, when stenciling, less is more.
I actually mixed two paint colors for this part because the green I liked wasn’t metallic and I wanted it to be shiny like the rest of the bangle. So, I combined the green paint with some metallic white to give it a shimmer.

Step 4: Remove your stencil while the paint is still wet and re-position it for your next flower.


Repeat step 4 until your bracelet has as many flowers as you like. Then, let it dry completely before wearing.


Once the paint is dry, your bangle is ready to accessorize your favorite warmer weather outfit! What do you think? Are you ready for some sunshine too?


If you’re like me and you’re looking for more colorful crafts to brighten up these last few weeks of winter, be sure to check out all the other projects featured this week as part of National Craft Month on! I bet you’ll be inspired…

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