Kitchen Fun with Cammie

Ok, so let me preface this post by promising that not every craft I do from here on out will be associated with Cammie {the beautiful, wonderful Silhouette Cameo I received for Christmas}.  I do remember what it’s like not to have one and to get frustrated by everyone’s posts for things I couldn’t make.  So, I promise to still make and share jewelry, kids’ crafts, and other home decor/fun stuff that you can make without a fun and fabulous cutting machine. 🙂
Whew.  Now that that’s behind us, I do want to take a minute to show you the latest fun Cammie and I had together.
For Christmas, I received a duplicate of something I had wanted, so in light of returning one of them, I had a little spending money to play with.  As I was browsing around in Walmart, I happened to see these canisters.
I liked the design, particularly the latching feature because it means I can’t lose the lids and LC can’t spill them if he knocks them over, and it also means they seal really tightly so things will stay really fresh.  Plus, they’re shatterproof!  Yay!  I considered them quite the upgrade to the canisters I was using.  Wanna see those?  Well, they’d have to exist for me to take a photo.  Nope, my flour was in the bag, down in a cupboard under a drawer, my sugar was in a box in a cupboard I could hardly reach, and the ground coffee was in a big tupperware-like container that took up a lot of unnecessary counter space without looking good.
So, I picked up three of these and excitedly headed home to see what I could do to spruce them up a bit.  I decided they needed labels since the flour and sugar are both white, plus it was a good excuse to use Cammie-girl.
I decided to go for black and white labels for two reasons.  One was that I love the chalkboard look, and the other was that the other colors of vinyl I had all clashed with the mint green walls in my kitchen.  I had already purchased a set of 4 labels from the Silhouette Online Store; this is one of them.  I sized it and duplicated it three times, then cut it on my black vinyl.  Then, I typed my words in LD Carefree Black, my favorite font, which I also purchased from Silhouette Online.  I cut those out of white vinyl, then applied them to my labels before putting them on the canisters.  I figured it’d be harder to mess up while everything was flat.
Then, I adhered the labels to the canisters.  Aren’t they fun?!  Confession time…I may or may not have put one in the wrong spot, tried to remove it, ripped it, and had to re-cut.  Just sayin’…things aren’t always as perfect and easy as we bloggers make them look.  We goof too!

 I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out!  I love the labels and I love the simple, minimalist look to them.  Hubs insisted on getting the biggest one for the coffee since he just got a 5 lb bag of his favorite kind {Decaf Rainforest Crunch} for Christmas.

The whole project took less than half an hour, and was really reasonable.  The canisters themselves came to about $21 all together, and I already had the vinyl.  Here they are in their new home…

I smile every time I see them.  The same day that I made them, my mom gave me a little project for Cammie too…which I didn’t mind doing at all because it gave me another chance to play.  Also, she and my dad are the {wonderful, generous, fabulous} ones who gave me Cammie in the first place, so how could I refuse her anything?!
Apparently, someone had given her a plain white utensil holder and mug for Christmas.  She wanted to use them, but thought they could be a lot more fun if they were spruced up a bit.  Mom gave me total free reign for what kind of design, colors, etc. I wanted to use and here’s what I came up with!
I’m totally in love with the fun little birdie I bought from the Silhouette store, so I put him on one side, “Faith, Hope, Love” on the other, and a heart border around the bottom.  To do it, I just cut the various pieces out of the colors of vinyl I wanted them on.  For the bird, I selected “ungroup” in Silhouette studio so I could move around the various pieces and take some out at times.  That way I didn’t waste vinyl by printing the entire design out on several different colors when I wasn’t going to use it all.  I was able to print nothing but the beak and feet on the yellow, and just the eye on the black.  
Our whole family shares a love for Myrtle Beach, so I decided to incorporate that into her mug.  I cut out a label from the same set I used on the canisters, this time on turquoise vinyl {her favorite color}, then cut the words Myrtle Beach in LD Carefree Black font {again…yeah} on white and adhered it to the label.  I cut out two yellow starfish, one for the front and one for the back, and a turquoise shell too.
She said she loved them, and she’s not a very good fibber, so I think she really did!  It was really fun coming up with three totally different designs for these three kitchen projects.  Which one is your favorite?
Hugs and Glitter…and a bit of vinyl too,

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  1. haha, you’re Cammie posts are making me laugh, they’re great and why not have fun with your new toy. When I got my Zing (different brand f cutter) I was so scared to use it it sat for a year until I started blogging now I love it! The canisters look really cute 🙂

  2. Ok so I was never really very interested in having a Cameo before, but you’re “breakin me down!” lol Great projects. 🙂

  3. I DO love my new creations…They look really cute in my kitchen. You and Cammie make a great team…I’ll have to find some more “projects” for you… 😉

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