Resolved: A Resolution Reminder Bracelet

Do you have a “Word of the Year” for 2013?  Mine is Refocus.  That one word sums up my hopes for myself in this new year; each day I want to refocus my priorities by remembering this acronym:
Read the Bible
Family time
Understand my goals

I don’t want this to fall through the cracks like so many other resolutions over the years, so I created this to remind me…

I first saw the idea of a resolution reminder bracelet on Pinterest via room 6, and I absolutely loved it.  We all know how easy it is for our goals and resolutions to slip away from us as we go about our daily lives, so the thought of wearing something I would see all day long that would remind me of who and what I want to be really appealed to me.  On New Year’s Eve, one of our activities was for each member of the family to make his or her own resolution bracelet.  We used waxed linen and beads, and they turned out something like this:

Cute, huh?  And they really do work…yesterday, glancing at mine reminded me to sit down and do my daily devotion, and also to close up the laptop and play a game with my family instead.  It also reminded me that I didn’t exercise, but I ended up eating ice cream instead…oops.  Not the bracelet’s fault, eh?  Anyway, I decided that while I like my little jute version for some days, other days {and outfits} call for something a little more chic.  So, I decided to attempt something bigger, something that would also include the word REFOCUS instead of just beads.
I love how it turned out, so I’m going to tell you how you can make your own!  First, let me say that I’d never worked with memory wire before {shocking, no?}, but it was so. stinking. easy.  Honestly, the hardest part about it is that the wire is really strong {hence, it retains its shape}, so cutting and bending it on the ends took a little more force than the wire I usually work with.  Other than that, easy peasy!!  

So, I want to encourage all of you who aren’t seasoned jewelry makers, this is a great project for beginners!  Never made jewelry before?  Start here!  Ok, maybe not with the metal stamping part, but the memory wire part…you can’t screw it up!

– memory wire
– wire cutters
– needle nose pliers {preferably round}
– assorted beads
Word Charm
– small metal disc
– metal stamp alphabet set
– hammer
– stamping block
– painters’ tape
– jump ring
1. Cut a piece of memory wire the length you want your bracelet to be…this differs based on personal preference {and how many beads you have}.  
2. Bend one end of the wire at a 90 degree angle, then roll it into a small loop using your needle nose pliers.
Here’s a photo of a different project, just to give you an idea of the technique.
3. String your beads as desired.  You can use any colors, any size, any pattern.  I used 3 brown beads, then an accent bead, 3 brown, then an accent, and so on.
4. When you get almost to the end of your wire, repeat step 2 to form a loop.  This secures your beads in place.
That’s all there is to it!  No clasp necessary; the wire retains its shape and will just wrap around your wrist and stay there!
Word Charm:
{for a full metal stamping tutorial, see my guest post at Sunny Vanilla}
1. Tape your disc to the stamping block.
2. Count out your letters to determine the center letter.
3. Stamp center letter, then work forward and backward to stamp the rest.
4. Attach to top loop of bracelet with jump ring.

What do you think?  Think it will help me meet my goals on a daily basis?  I’d love to hear what your word is!

Hugs & Glitter,

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  1. I love the idea of using the word of the year in jewelry as a reminder. A couple of days ago, I was inspired to do the same. (I’ll be posting about that soon). Your bracelet is lovely. I don’t wear bracelets often because they get in the way of my daily “chores”, but the colors and stamp on this one make me want to give it a try anyway 🙂

    But first, I gotta learn to stamp on metal. I HOPE to learn that this year. Can you guess what my word is? 🙂

    Roxana @ foureleven rox

  2. Well I got the memory wire and tried it. I made it with black and white. It really came out good. Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial! I really love it and plan to make more. They will make great gifts (at least one for myself though).

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