Craft Lightning: Glitter Flower Pots

Hey, friends!  It’s that time again in Artsy Land…time to plant herbs.  Which means it’s also time to pretty up some flower pots for the job.  Each year, I look forward to trying out a new style; in the past I’ve done Chalkboard Labels, Fabric Covered Pots, Paint Drip Pots, and Polka Dots.  This year, I decided that since I’m always saying, “Glitter makes everything better,” I should take my own advice!  Take a look…

Glitter Flower Pots

TIME REQUIRED: 15 minutes or less!
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: easy/beginner



– terracotta flower pots
Krylon Glitter Blast Glitter Spray {I used Posh Pink, Confetti Pop, and Sapphire Shimmer}
Krylon Glitter Blast Clear Sealer
– old sheet or newspaper

All I did was place my pots upside down on an old sheet in the back yard.  I gave them a light coat of Glitter Spray, let them dry, then came back and did the same thing a few more times until I was pleased with the amount of coverage.

Glitter Flower Pots

Once the paint was completely dry, I flipped them right side up and sprayed the top rim and top inside of the pots, once again using several light coats and allowing them to dry in between.

Finally, I sprayed a coat of clear sealer on top that’s specially designed for the glitter spray.  It holds all the glitter in place, so even if you pick the pots up and carry them around, you won’t end up with glitter everywhere.

If you had asked me prior to my January meeting with my friends at Krylon while I attended CHA, I would have told you I was officially the world’s worst spray painter.  I’d had more spray paint related craft fails than I wanted to admit.  But when I talked with the team, they helped me to realized that my problem was my impatience.  I kept globbing it on and trying to get the look I wanted as quickly as possible, but the real trick is several light coats instead.  Since then, I’ve become quite addicted to spray painting, especially when I can do it with glitter!!

Glitter Flower Pots

All that was left was to plant the herbs, which my little helper was more than happy to assist with.  We planted rosemary, cilantro, and mint, and I can’t wait to use all of those this summer!  These are seriously super duper easy to make, and quick as lightning!  In fact, that’s why I decided to use them for this month’s Craft Lightning Project!  15 minutes or less, and you’ve got some snazzy, sparkly flower pots…you can’t beat that.

You know I’m all about projects that are quick, cheap, and simple, so this is just the kind of craft for me!  What about you?

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  1. Love these Amy! I might have to use this idea for one of my future parties because glitter really does make everything better!

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