Christian Louboutin Inspired Glitter Soled Heels

You all know I love fashion.  Which sometimes means I want expensive things.  There are definitely times when I splurge and buy a high-quality basic piece because I know it’s going to last a long time and be a great staple in my wardrobe.  But there are other things I just can’t justify.  For instance, I would love to own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.  A pair of those fabulous black heels with the signature red patent leather soles…ahhhh!  But.  They cost about $1100.  So I could buy a pair of shoes…or a couch.  A pair of shoes…or season tickets to the amusement park.  A pair of shoes…or a week at the beach.  A pair of shoes…or 275 trips to Starbucks!  That’s almost a year, people!  So, alas, no Louboutins for me yet.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t rock a red sole if I want to.  Check it out.

DIY Red Glitter Soled Heels


– fabulous black heels
Krylon Glitter Blast Glitter Spray in Cherry Bomb
Krylon Glitter Blast Clear Sealer
– Painter’s tape

I started with these shoes I’ve had for a year or so.  They’re from Target, and I think I paid about $25 for them.  The shoes themselves are shiny and gorgeous.  The soles?  Not so much.


Step 1: Use painter’s tape to cover everything except for the soles of your shoes.  Now, I need to say a little something here as the voice of experience.  I am one of the world’s most impatient crafters; I want to get to the fun part, so I have been known to rush through the prep work to get to the good stuff.  Which usually means I end up ruining the project or having to redo it.  So.  Do not…I repeat, do NOT rush this part.  Seriously take your time and tape off everything you don’t want to turn red.  You’ll thank me.  I promise.


Step 2: Follow instructions on the can and spray the soles.  I did two coats and got this great coverage.

Step 3: Spray with clear sealer.  Let them dry completely.  You can touch them after 20 minutes {and photograph them}, but don’t try wearing them until about 48 hours have gone by.  If you try early, you may find that the paint hasn’t fully cured yet.  Just saying…


All that’s left to do is peel off your tape and enjoy!


If you happen to be a glitter-skeptic {there’s still hope for you!}, don’t panic.  The glitter does not come off all over the floor or your hands or anything else.  It’s sealed in place on the sole, just where you want it to be.


How fun are these?  And, of course, you could use any color you wanted; silver, gold, teal, black glitter…anything!  As for me, I’m digging the red.  I get my little taste of Louboutin plus something good ol’ Christian doesn’t have.  Glitter.  And we all know that glitter makes everything better.  Even Louboutins.  {Can I say that?}


In case you forgot what we started with, here’s a quick before and after picture to show you just how awesome this is.


Fashionistas everywhere who paid $1100 for shoes, eat your hearts out.  Quick, affordable, and easy is how we roll around here.




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