Glitter Frame and Sparkle Printable

Friends, you know the motto around the Artsy House {at least for Little Crafter and myself} is, “Glitter makes everything better!”  When I was at CHA this past January, I found out about an awesome kind of spray paint Krylon makes called “Extreme Glitter Blast” and I knew right away I had to have some!  I finally got some time over the weekend to play with it, and here’s what I made!

Glitter Frame

SPECIAL SKILLS: patience 🙂


{Thanks to Krylon for providing my sprays!}
– unfinished wood frame {mine was $1 at Michaels}
Krylon Glitter Blast Glitter Spray
Krylon Glitter Blast Clear Sealer
– printable {available below}

Glitter Frame

I‘m sure you’ve seen the kind of unfinished wooden frames I used for this project before; they’re usually about a dollar in craft stores because they’re just plain and simple.  They have no glass or plastic covering for whatever you put inside, it’s just wood with a cutout space and a little stick you put inside a drilled hole to stand it up.  About a year ago, I bought a bunch of them for a dance event we were doing.  I painted them, put fun dance photos inside, and added table numbers.  But after the event, I had no good use for them.  So, I decided to use one as my test subject for the glitter spray!

Glitter Frame

It’s incredibly easy to do, you just spray a light coat of the Extreme Glitter blast, wait for it to dry, then repeat until the surface is covered.  I tend to be a little impatient, so at first, I sprayed too much at once.  But, I was able to wipe most of the excess off and finish up being much more patient so I didn’t totally spoil my frame.  Lots of light coats is really the way to go!

Glitter Frame

Once the glitter part is done, you can add a coat of clear sealer.  This prevents the glitter from coming off when it’s touched, and it protects your project, keeping it in top condition for a nice long time.

Glitter Frame

Once my frame was finished and dry, I had to figure out what to put inside!  I decided on a fun little quote, “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go!” I thought you might like to use it as well, so feel free to download this printable for yourself and use it.  It’s sized to 4×6 because that was the size my frame required.  Just right click on the image, choose “save as,” and save it to your computer for your personal use!


I promise, even those of you who are skeptical about using glitter because of the mess will like this spray because once it dries, the glitter doesn’t come off everywhere; it’s just pretty and sparkly right where you want it to be!

Glitter Frame

So, what do you say?  Today, will you leave a little sparkle wherever you go?


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