Textured Heart Earrings


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Sculpey Premo! Clay: white
– Small Heart Mold {Mine is the Mod Podge Mod Melts Royal Icons Mold}
Texture Hammer
– Foil Lined Baking Sheet
Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding
– Paintbrush
Earring Posts and Earring Backs
– Super Glue

Step 1: Press white clay into your mold. Make sure it’s filled completely and that you flatten the back either with your fingers or a clay tool. Gently pop the clay out of the mold and repeat. You will obviously need two hearts for each pair of earrings you want to create. While you’re at it, you might as well make a bunch – some for you and some for a friend, right?


Step 2: Gently press your clay onto the textured hammer. You can use any texture you like. I wanted a criss-cross effect, so I pressed my narrow stripes going in one direction, then turned my heart and did it again going the opposite way.


Step 3: Place your clay on a foil lined baking sheet and bake according to package instructions. Mine took 15 minutes at 275 degrees Farenheit.

Step 4: Once the clay is cooled, apply liquid gilding in your choice of color and allow it to dry completely.


Step 5: Glue an earring back to each heart. I’m infamous for getting Super Glue all over myself any time I work with it, but the most mess-free way I’ve found is to place my earrings face down on a flat surface, squeeze a little bit of glue on the back, then place the post on top and leave it that way to dry.


Since I have a pretty equal mix of gold and silver jewelry in my collection, I decided to make one pair of each; that way I know one of them will match whatever I might be wearing. They really do look like they’re made of metal, even up close, and they’re really lightweight and comfortable to wear.


I think these would be a great little gift to make for a friend this Valentine’s Day, or just for yourself! Would you wear a pair?

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