DIY Fabric Gift Card Holders

Hello One Artsy Mama readers.  It’s Amy from While Wearing Heels, your sewing “expert”…so get out your sewing machine and let’s get started.

The holidays are upon us.  If your friends and family are anything like mine, chances are you’ll be purchasing at least one or two gift cards.

Gift cards can be impersonal but that doesn’t mean the way you present them has to be.  This quick and easy sewing project will allow you to bust your fabric stash and personalize your gift card giving.

gift card holders 186psFIXED


To make your gift cards a little more personal, grab the following supplies:  Fabric, 2 pieces approximately 11 1/2″ by 5″, *optional snaps, Velcro or buttons and a rotary cutter or scissors.

gift card holder 038ps-2Cut your fabric out.

To make a 2 pocket card holder cut both fabrics to the size of 11 1/2″ by 5″.  To make a 1 pocket card holder, cut both fabrics to the size 9 1/2″ by 5″.

Layer the 2 fabrics together, right sides facing each other.

gift card holder 048psSew the two fabric sections together.  Sew 3 sides closed, leaving one of the shorter sides open.

gift card holder 060ps_edited-1Turn right side out.

gift card holder 063psTuck in the raw edges of the open side.  It’s always helpful to press or iron between steps.  Top stitch the open end closed.  *Optional, top stitch across the opposite finished side as well.

gift card holderIf making a 2 pocket card holder, fold your sewn rectangle in half and press.  Open the rectangle back up, fold each end in, to create a pocket on both sides.  Sew down the length of each long sides, sewing the sides of your pockets into place and creating a top stitch finishing touch as you go.

gift card holder 2If making a single pocket card holder, fold over only one of the short sides.  Sew down the length of the rectangle, across the top of the non pocketed side and down the other side.

gift card holder 104ps*Optional:  add a snap or Velcro to give your card holders a closing option.  Card holders can also be left without adding a closure.

When completed, press or iron to give your card holders a finished look.

**Creatively embellish your gift card holders.  Cut shapes out of felt or fabric and either glue onto your gift card holder or using fusible interfacing adhere your shape by ironing it into place.

gift card holder 148psThe only thing left to do…buy a gift card.

gift card holder133ps2Tuck into your gift card holder.

gift card holder151psAnd begin the season of gift card giving.

gift card holder-2 160psIf you are looking for more Christmas inspired ideas, come and check out my no-sew advent calendar.

advent calender 010ps-aUntil next month…

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Ha! I’ve been looking for a gift ca holder pattern and here’s one by my favourite blogger thank you both Amy’s for sharing. 🙂

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