Stenciled Ring Box

Friends, today I want to share with you a tiny little project I created using two brand new products from Plaid Crafts. I have lot of jewelry, so I’m always in need of dishes and boxes to hold what I’m not wearing at the moment. I found an adorable little unfinished wood box at Michaels and decided to dress it up with a coat of FolkArt Pickling Wash and some flower stencils. Take a look…

Stenciled Ring Box

You’ll need:

unfinished wooden box
FolkArt Pickling Wash {Papillion}
FolkArt Acrylic/Multi-Surface Paint
FolkArt Stencils
Paintbrush, Stencil Brush

Step 1: Apply a coat of Pickling Wash to the surface of the box.

FolkArt Pickling Wash is a new water-based finish from Plaid that adds a transparent veil of color to porous surfaces like wood, terracotta, paper mache, baskets, and more. It’s available in 10 cottage chic colors, including the one I used, Papillion. In fact, it’s so new that it might not even be in your favorite craft store yet, but I promise it’s coming…keep an eye out for it!

The more coats you apply, the darker the finish will be. If you want a very light color wash, you can wipe the surface of your project with a soft lint-free cloth right after the color is applied. I used one coat on my box and I love the way I can still see the wood grain through the blue.

Let the Pickling Wash dry to the touch before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Place your stencil on the surface of the box and fill in the open spaces with white acrylic paint.

The best way to create a clean, sharp stenciled image is to remember that less is more. Apply a bit of paint to a small, dry stencil brush, then gently tap the brush up and down. Using too much paint can cause it to bleed underneath the stencil and blur the image.

These tiny FolkArt stencils are perfect for small projects like this one. They’re also ideal for creating Fairy Garden projects. Each page of stencils is just 3″x 3″ and there are a variety of design packs to choose from. I chose the floral border, and used white paint to make them look like daisies.

Some of the other design options include little doors and windows, tiny words, and fairies!

Step 3: Apply yellow and green paint to the centers of the flowers and the leaves.

Once the paint is dry, your box is finished, but it does take 48 hours for the Pickling Wash to cure to the surface. When it’s fully cured, the project will be water and fade resistant under normal everyday conditions. It’s also weather resistant even without a special top coat. So, while this project is intended to be used indoors, you could definitely use FolkArt Pickling Wash for outdoor projects too.

Stenciled Ring Box

I don’t know about you, but I love the look of the transparent wash. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other colors on more of my upcoming projects. How would you use it for your own home decor?

Stenciled Ring Box



Stenciled Ring Box

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