DIY Metal Stamped Narwhal Charm Necklace

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Friends, I know there’s a lot of unicorn-mania out there, and I get it. I totally do. But there’s an animal I think is even cooler…are you ready for it? The narwhal. It’s got a horn like a unicorn, it can swim, it’s rare, and best of all, it actually exists! As I was browsing around in the craft store the other day, I spotted the cutest little narwhal charm and knew I needed to make a necklace with it. Here’s how I made it and you can too…

Narwhal Necklace

You’ll need:

ImpressArt Deco Uppercase Alphabet Stamps

Steel Stamping Block

Metal Stamping Hammer

ImpressArt Soft Strike Aluminum Blanks

ImpressArt Stamp Enamel

Pliers and Wire Cutters

Jump Rings and Clasp

Soft, lint-free cloth

Narwhal Charm

I chose to accent my narwhal charm with two little monogrammed tags that represent my boys. You can do as many or as few of these as you like and stamp whatever letters or designs appeal to you.

Step 1: Place your blanks on a steel stamping block.

It’s essential to use a steel block under whatever you are stamping because it protects your work surface and provides enough resistance for you to get a clean, deep impression.

Step 2: Hold your alphabet stamp vertically with the raised letter touching the blank and firmly tap the top with a hammer.

One good tap is all you need for the stamp to work. Make sure the side of the stamp that’s labeled with “ImpressArt” and the letter is facing you. This ensures that you’re stamping the letter right-side-up.

Step 3: Fill in the stamped area with ImpressArt enamel.

There are now several colors of enamel to choose from for your projects. I went with the standard black, but you can also use brown, gold, green, or silver instead. Allow the enamel to get down inside the grooves, then wipe the excess from the surface with a soft lint-free cloth.

Step 4: Add jump rings to each of your stamped tags.

To do this, simply hold the ring with pliers and gently twist the cut ends in opposite directions. Slide the tag onto one end of the ring, then twist the ends back together until they meet.

Step 5: Cut your chain to any length you want and thread your stamped tags and narwhal charm onto it.

If you’re using a pre-cut chain that already has a clasp, you can skip this step and the final one.

Narwhal Necklace

Step 6: Add a jump ring to one end of your chain and a jump ring and clasp to the other end.

That’s all there is to it! Now you have a whimsical little charm necklace that is sure to be a conversation piece! I mean, what’s not to love about a narwhal?

Narwhal Necklace

What do you think? Is this a piece you’d enjoy wearing or giving as a gift? Be sure to check out my other metal stamping & jewelry tutorials for more ideas and inspiration.

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Narwhal Charm Necklace

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